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Delivery Club


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Date of creation: 13.02.2022
Tags: [DC]Name, Probation [DC*]Name.
Base location: SF Dounat Shop
Vehicles: Mr Whoopee, Pizzaboy, Mountain Bike,Hotdog
Member count: 4
Motto: "first 5 deliveries for 1$!"
Colour code: #6B8E23
Vehicle Colour code: #008000
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The largest food and grocery delivery service in Russia. Was launched in 2009. Initially, it worked in the marketplace format and specialized in the delivery of ready-made food, combining various restaurants with its own couriers, later Delivery Club organized its own courier delivery service. Now the service works not only for the delivery of food from cafes and restaurants, but also for the delivery of food, medicine, beauty products, pet supplies, gadgets, and goods for home and repair. In 2021, he launched his own project of non-cash tips for waiters and a Delivery Pro subscription. Delivery Club also has its own cafe, which is highly praised by visitors. This is the first institution that appeared in San Andreas from Russia. In our institution, the waiters always look neat, tidy and service is 5 stars.
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Leader: Lerov99
Vice Leader: Kuny
Boss: Zeel
manager: VeXy
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You must know all the rules of the server ( F1-Rules)
You should play in our group with no stars
Obliged to listen to the senior team
Must show active
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If you are interested in us, you should write apply. Search in the game or write in private messages to people who are in the group for hang.


English proficiency:



Playtime on the server:
Current organization (g/s/c):
Explain our role in 25-50 words:
Why do you want to join us?
Why should we accept you?


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