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Recent Discord Spams in your server?


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Hello readers, recently someone was enterring Discord Servers related to SAES and spamming the following message, "HI GUYS I AM [SWAT]Sanfara I HOPE Y'ALL LIKE MY SHITTY FACE.'' linked with a cropped picture that contains my face which was taken in 2020, so basically that user isn't me, got nothing to do with that account(s), the fella behind those spams is Senpai, [AA]Senpai, [FBI]Senpai etc...
The fella has been hating since he joined the community, acting like a retard, insulting with no reason (average tunisian), Lately, he got a picture of mine from Facebook, as first he sent it to me in a pm and started to threat with posting it, insulting of course, I reported him and he got banned for around a week, during that week, all he did was enterring every single Discord Server in SAES, spamming that picture as an attempt to get on my nerve which didn't even work, probably thinking I am ashamed of my self or so...
Last Sunday, he went raging after getting a permanent ban from SAES as a MTA server, created more then 5 accounts and went to every discord server spamming it (don't know for what reason), plus in players DMs, he got banned from all of the servers by now, yet he kept creating accounts using my full name, or my nickname in game.
Just wanted to create this topic to inform people that I got no relations to the psychopath, nor in real life since it would be a shame to be seen with him and because it's a server relation.

Also thanks to those who showed support and love but I'd like to tell that I don't really care about the picture, just make sure to ban him from your servers or block him.

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