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Medelln Cartel - Level 2 Application


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^["Medelln - Los reyes de la cocana"]

^[Medellin Cartel is the biggest supplier of drugs in the whole state of San Andreas. It's a very influential, organized and powerful drug cartel originally formed in Colombia but immigrated into the state of San Andreas lately since then became the largest and most powerful drug trafficking syndicate in the state.]

^[Promo Video]

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^[Back in the 1970s, Colombia was in a period of relative stability after decades of political violence and upheaval. And there was a fortune to be made in selling cocaine to Americans, especially if you could control every level of the business - flying coca base in from Bolivia, processing the stuff in Colombia and retailing it directly to the US consumer. Thats where the Medellin Cartel came into their own from 1976 to 1993. Highly organized and viciously ruthless, they built an empire that, at its peak, made more than $60 million a day.]

^[With so much at stake, violence became one of the key weapons in the Medellin Cartels political arsenal. Its estimated they murdered at least 110,000 people during their reign. The majority of these killings were the result of bombings of flights, cars, buildings and buses but also included the executions of more than 5000 police, as well as anyone they suspected of subversive (i.e. Communist) or anti-Colombian tendencies.]

^[Pablo Escobar is the best-known name in the Medellin Cartel story, for obvious reasons. He was not only the leader of the group, he also gained a reputation for being the wealthiest criminal in history and a hugely popular figure in Colombia thanks to his generous investment in infrastructure and social projects. In the '80s, he oversaw the shifting of 70-80 tons of cocaine into America on a monthly basis, which led to him being imprisoned under ludicrously cushy conditions. Killed in 1993 on a rooftop by police, Escobars death marked a turning point in the cartels fortunes. Without his commanding, charismatic and connected presence, the group fell apart.]

^[But Escobar wasnt the only major figure in this story. Carlos Lehder was the man who understood the importance of logistics. He took the low-rent operation he found in the mid-'70s and revolutionized the way they did business. Now, instead of sending drug mules on flights one at a time, they could fly their own small aircrafts at detection-dodging low altitudes. Business boomed even more so after Lehder bought an island in the Bahamas to use as a combination midpoint for cocaine smuggling and hedonistic pleasure palace. Today, hes rumored to be in witness protection after becoming unstable and being handed over to American authorities, landing a sentence of life without parole plus 135 years in 1988.]

^[George Jung was the third piece of the puzzle. He and Lehder met in 1973 in a Connecticut prison, where they bonded over a shared love of drug dealing. In a 2000 interview, Jung spoke of their meeting: He was looking for a way to transport cocaine out of Colombia and people to sell it in the United States, and there I was. It was like a marriage made in heaven, or hell in the end.]

^[Using his connections on the American side of the operation, Jung built the market and distribution for what the Colombians were making. He made millions, as youd suspect, but wound up in jail for a 20-year stint after being arrested in Kansas with a ton of cocaine.]

^[Today, Medellin is still the center of Colombias cocaine trade, but the terrain has completely changed over the past 20-plus years. Its a far more fragmented industry, and theres no major figurehead to do political battle in a landscape where local police and the American DEA have joined forces to take out anyone who pops their head above the parapet. If anyones buying islands or financing local soccer teams, theyre doing it quietly.]

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  • Medellin Cartel is the biggest supplier of drugs in the whole state of San Andreas. It's a very influential, organized and powerful drug cartel originally formed in Colombia but immigrated into the state of San Andreas lately since then became the largest and most powerful drug trafficking syndicate in the state.

  • Manufacturing of illegal drugs
    We are known as the kings of Cocaine for a reason. 70 to 80 percents of the high quality cocaine which is being smuggled into the United States including Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Dominican Republic is manufactured by us the Medellin Cartel , the brainchild of El Patron Pablo Emillio Escobar Gaviria. We buy and smuggle fresh coca leaves from Peru and Bolivia then bring those in our factory in Medellin for processing and making very high quality final product tested and ready to be used by junkies and wealthy men and women all over the States , Mexico and other countries. You will get the perfect high from using our product but these can be costlier than low quality low grade poorly processed products available in the streets.

  • Trafficking of drugs worldwide
    Obviously as you could have already guessed we are involved into massive scale drugs trafficking and distribution all over the world. There is no use of just producing drugs and not distributing them is there? We also buy produced drugs from other suppliers and then traffic them in the States and beyond. We have established our own successful drug routes in which we traffic drugs regularly and make those reach all the way to the street dealers and buyers respectively. We mainly smuggle through an small island in Bahamas and through Panama all the way into United States , Venezuela, Puerto Rico , Dominican Republic and even all the way into some European countries too.

  • Bribery
    As we all know profit comes with a price with high notoriety and reputation comes high attention from various law enforcement agencies and anti narcotic bodies of many several governments , the worst being Federal government and Mexican Government. Obviously we have solutions for this too - as we offer them Plata or Plomo whichever they choose. There is always an option for them to get their hands dirty and accept our bribe in return letting us do what we do without any questions asked. In fact many of them saw it as a wonderful opportunity to get rich and eventually be safer than sorry. But for those who didn't accept our friendship or tried to double-cross us, we had something special for them in store and that is Plomo (The Bullets) to make them understand what fate awaits for them whoever tries to play smartass.

  • Extortion
    Running such a huge multi dimensional operations requires a lot of funds. Which although we make enough of through our operations but it never hurts to extract some more money from various high priority sources which can pay us enough if we can put pressures on them by the means of intimidation and oppression. The business of Extortion has never gone out of style and there are plenty of ways to make the special people feel insecure and threatened to the point till they break and shower us with gigantic wealth which no treasure hunter ever seen so much together since the beginning of the time.

  • Protection rackets
    Yes, this is our another notorious business in the world of organized crimes. It's basically a pretty simple concept if you do not want to get killed or your properties and stashes seized you better make us your friendly patron and keep us happy in return we will also look after you and make sure you get no unnecessary troubles. If you fail to do so you know what will be coming to you no matter what cause as per now every criminal organization fears us and knows stepping on our toes means inviting death of themselves and their familia. Even the cops either with us or fears us, so they won't even bother to stand beside you and soon enough your properties will be ours , your family will rest in pieces and your body will be found either in a gutter minced into small pieces or your severed head will be found in a alleyway hanging with a rope.

  • Assassinations
    Nothing actually needs to be said about this specifically as assassination is involved in every aspect of a Cartel member's life. We assassinate everyone who gets in our way to success and who we suspect to have any connections with the law enforcement or our rivals , in general we commit assassination whenever it's necessary and no other choices are available. We killed countless people from cops to military , drug enforcement agents , spies , our rivals , established politicians and officials to journalists , protesters , activists in general whoever got in our way. As for now we do not get directly involved in contractual assassinations or claiming bounties, but we do consider getting engaged where we see it as "a very lucrative opportunity".

  • Money Laundering
    A cartel can never be successful without spending and investing their ill-gotten gains in seemingly legal and legitimate businesses and fronts and also personal properties like own Golf Course , private hanger and airplanes , helipads and a fleet of helicopters and even light attack choppers only specifically built for lavish trillionaires and also in huge mansions and haciendas , exquisite pets and rare antiques, a fleet of rare armored vehicles only to name a few. Oh and do not forget the humanitarian projects and foundations built for the benefits of poor and segmented populations and the mass alike - a little something for the people to convince we are the good guys actually and reduce heats and pressures from cops and the governments alike.

  • Narcoterrorism
    So as we are with the people they need to know that too if their representatives try to enforce such laws and regulations in an attempt to choke our business progress or opposes us we are gonna show them our real powers which is also known by the name of Narcoterrorism - a weapon we use to show them what is possible for the ones opposing us. Arsons , bombings , mass murdering , assassinations , torturing and oppressions of VIPs and the public alike , kidnapping and torturing of high profile politicians and even the assassinations of the president and other representatives and their family; when you declare a war against us better know the consequences too as we are not going to show mercy to anyone and the country will turn into a mess.

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~[E]~(#9b6c62)stablished: Saturday the 28th of December, 2019.
~[C]~(#9b6c62)artel Level: 1
~[C]~(#9b6c62)artel Value: ~[$]~(#85bb65)500.000.000+
~[C]~(#9b6c62)artel Motto: Medelln - Los reyes de la cocana
~[C]~(#9b6c62)artel Ranch: Fern Ridge, Red County
~[C]~(#9b6c62)artel Founders: @WenDo - @MarksMan - @SkulioN
~[C]~(#9b6c62)artel Color: ~[Dark Chestnut]~(#9b6c62) (R:155 G:108 B:98 - #9B6C62)
~[C]~(#9b6c62)artel Discord: ~[click here]~(#9b6c62)

alt text

^[General rules]

~[G.1.]~(#9b6c62) - Respect every player within the game
~[G.2.]~(#9b6c62) - Make sure youve read the server rules ( ~[click here to read]~(#9b6c62) )
~[G.3.]~(#9b6c62) - Do not spam the main chat with stupid comments or non English sentences
~[G.4.]~(#9b6c62) - Harming or damaging other players' vehicles is not allowed

^[Cartel specific rules]

~[C.1.]~(#9b6c62) - Cartel Seores have the last word, means their orders must be followed
~[C.2.]~(#9b6c62) - Do not ask for promotion, it will lower your chances to get promotion instead
~[C.3.]~(#9b6c62) - Try avoiding non English in clanchat
~[C.4.]~(#9b6c62) - When you wanna play as police, your name should be Cop. Name

alt text

alt text


^[Capo | M|Name<C> - ( Level 5 )]

^[The highest position in the Cartel is that of the Boss. The Boss is the ultimate decision maker and the supreme power in the group and is the one who delegates duties to other subordinate members. He not only takes the ultimate responsibility for the actions of the gang but also is the most respected person.]

^[Teniente | M|Name<T> - ( Level 4 )]

^[Second most important Person, the one who plans together with the capo daily the new upcoming deals. Has to deal with all the work when the Capo isn't in the house. He's the right hand and has all the trust of the Capo.]

^[Seccin: Asesinato]

^[Jefe de Asesinato | M|Name<JdA> - ( Level 3 )]

^[High ranked person which has the responsibility to lead a whole section. This is the jefe of the Asesinato ( Assassination ) section. He is the one that plans all the assassinations and picking the right members to do the tasks.]

^[Sicario | M|Name<S> - ( Level 2 )]

^[Experienced murderer, he has been working for a long time as hitmen and is being picked for the more complicated tasks as he gained the skills for it. He is always doing his job very well and without any problems.]

^[Asaltador | M|Name<A> - ( Level 1 )]

^[ This is one of the three choices after being for long time as Asociados. This is going to help him specialize on and focus on one of the three most important must-know skills in the gang.]

^[Seccin: Opresin]

^[Jefe de Opresin | M|Name<JdO> - ( Level 3 )]

^[High ranked person which has the responsibility to lead a whole section. This is the jefe of the Opresin ( Oppression ) section. He is the one that plans all the attacks and picks the right members to do the tasks.]

^[Opresor | M|Name<O> - ( Level 2 )]

^[This is the trusted member in the Oppression section. He has been long time in here and learned a lot about how to get his job fast and smooth done. He is always the first choice when the task requires experienced members of this section.]

^[Ladrn | M|Name<L> - ( Level 1 )]

^[This is one of the three choices after being for long time as Asociados. This is going to help him specialize on and focus on one of the three most important must-know skills in the gang.]

^[Seccin: Narcotrfico]

^[Jefe del Narcotrfico | M|Name<JdN> - ( Level 3 )]

^[High ranked person which has the responsibility to lead a whole section. This is the jefe of the Narcotrfico ( Drug Trafficking ) section. He is the one that plans all the routes for the drug transport and picks the right members to do the tasks. ]

^[Narcotraficante | M|Name<NT> - ( Level 2 )]

^[This member has been through thousands of borders and knows the bast way to smuggle from one to the another side of the border. He has been learned a lot from the Jefe and knows how the things work.]

^[Halcn | M|Name<H> - ( Level 1 )]

^[Halcn is the one who already passed all the tests and choose the Drug Trafficking as his strength. That's why he's ready to learn a lot about the drug trafficking.]

^[Seccin: Pioneros]

^[Novato | M|Name - ( Level 0 )]

^[Those are the freshmen in the Cartel. They have a long way in front of them. First of all they have to prove their loyalty to the Cartel.]

alt text

^[alt text]
^[alt text]

^[alt text]
^[alt text]
^[alt text]

^[If you wish to see the rest of our Media Archive where we post everything then just ~[click here!]~(#9b6c62)]

alt text

^[Cartel Ranch]

Ranch Picture

^[Blunt Rolling Factory]

^[Blunt Factory Picture]

^[Trucking Depot]

^[Trucking Depot Picture]

^[Various Shops]


^[Chicken Restaurant]

alt text
alt text

You start your journey as an applicant. Once we receive your application, there will be held voting within the cartel for you. If you pass the voting stage, you will be invited to do a interview. If you properly answer the questions and pass it, you will become part of the cartel.

Once you are fully hired, you will take on the role of a Novato (rookie). This is where all of the eyes will be on you for the following two weeks. If you get any kind of punishment within the first two weeks, you will be kicked out.

You are interested into joining and starting the journey with us? Head over to our ~[discord]~(#9b6c62) and read #how_to_join.

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^[alt text]

^[Monthly Summary]

Dear Gang Management Team and Players,

I've been another month over and the HQ team of the Medellin Cartel sum up all the activities in one post for you.

Medellin Cartel has kept pretty much the same amount of members the month but got activer in the core, means some members returned from inactivity and had fun all together. In the month January, there has been posted 65 activities which include Turf assists, Bank rob assists, Store robberies and VIPs. As the old frontrunners of the Medellin Cartel has not been that much active during the month, we have done and posted 15 Roleplays which is the exact number required for Level 2. Last but not least, we've done few more than required events, in total we posted 29 Events during the month.

^[alt text]

Medellin Senor.

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