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Sanfara's LWS Events


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Hello reader, First of all and as most of the applicants did this, I will start the topic by introducing my self :honk:
My nickname is Sanfara, in real life they call me Mehdi, I am aged 16 years old, I started playing in this server in 2016 went inactive and came back in 2018, as a hobby, I like to make some edits on videos, I spend most of my time either studying or using the computer.
In this topic, I will be posting events I made, some of the events are going to be well known in the server and some of them will be made by me, you will be amazed about my creativity :moistpepe:
that's it.

alt text
Basically because I am a kind person in general, I mostly respond to players who are in need of help, unless the player is retarded, but yeah as I said I mostly respond to calls, plus I am active most of the time which makes finding a LWS not a hard job for a player, I lived the experience of someone who was looking for a LWS member for a week so he can host an event and get promoted in his squad, therefore I am here to help that poor guy, if I ever became a LWS Trusted Member, my only job is going to be helping.
Also not gonna lie that I want the access to try making another world and see how it would works.

alt text
As I mentionned above this, I am a kind guy, helpful, I am active, polite, respectful (unless you deserve getting disrespected), and much more, I am the type of guy who tells you "I am here for you bro" then arrests you and helps you to host and enjoy your event.
So yeah I am going to help as much as possible.

alt text
Chicken shooter
Chicken Arrester
Land on my DFT
Guess the song
Hold my beer
lucky nade
Racing events
Last man standing
Sniper 1V1
All VS all
Arrest "nickname"
Dance to the song
knock me off from my NRG
Squid Game
Find the object
Hide and Seek
Car Touching
Pistol All Vs All
Drive by, all VS all
Hold my nade
Box 1v1 in the air
Swimming pool
NRG stunts
True or False
Derby all VS all
Lucky Tube
car show
Kill the L.W.S

Event N1:
Sultan Race
Event N2:
Chicken Arrest
Event N3:
True or False
Event N4(New):
Event N5(New):
Finish the Sentence
Event N6:
Dog fight all Vs all
Event N7:
True or False
Event N8:
Land On my shamal
Event N9:
Lucky Nade
Event N10:
True or False
Event N11:
Event N12:
Chicken shooter
Event N13:
Event N14:
Chicken Arrest
Event 15:
Event N16:
Chicken arrest
Event N17:
Chicken arrest
Event N18:
Face to face Uzi
Event N19:
Boxing all vs all underwater
Event N20:
Kill the LWS
Event N21:
Box all VS all
Event N22:
Chicken kicker
Event N23:
Lucky Tube

Posting Format

![alt text](https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/747847909789270069/995723273218297877/20220710_164436.png?width=1200&height=282)
![alt text](https://i.imgur.com/b7vQb.png)
###Event Number
Event Type:
![alt text](https://i.imgur.com/b7vQb.png)
[s=]![alt text](Screens here)[/s]

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alt text
alt text

Event N4

Event Type: BaseBall
Date: 01/10/2022
L.W.S/Hoster: @Colobria
Winner: @Chezzy
Price: 1 000 000 $
Event Details: Each and every criminal was given a bat via the biker spawn (/sell), participants were called one by one, Everybody had to hit a grenade which I threw at them, failure to hit the grenade equals getting kicked from the event.
alt text
Screenshot:[s=]alt textalt textalt text[/s]
Footage of the first success:

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alt text
alt text

Event N5

Event Type: Finish the sentence
Date: 01/18/2022
L.W.S/Hoster: @XpooKs
Winner: @Curvy
Price: 1 000 000 $
Event Details: I wrote half sentences which were taken from songs or popular ones and participants need to finish the other half.
![alt text](alt text)
Screenshot:[s=]alt textalt textalt text[/s]

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Topic has been fully updated, including:

  • New Banners replaced the old ones.

  • New Logo added on top of the topic.

  • Added New Events which were made during the past months.

  • Added a list of events and types linked with their posts.

  • Edited every event which was posted in the topic.

  • Changed the posting Format.

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