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Spliff Kings


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Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/KCzW8psJvR

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The bustling streets of Los Santos were impressive. Loud music, funky cars and the accents were way more different than being in home. Britain was their home town, two sisters who were born and raised in a life style of drugs and crime. Back home, they were infamous for being in and out of jail and having gun fights in the empty streets of London. But this wasn't London, this was Los Santos, America. Their rules were different and things seemed far more dangerous for two girls to be exploring. That didn't bother them though, they came here for one thing only. An infamous drug deal between another gang. Some boys from back home came with them for extra protection, in case things went wrong but they were confident and extremely cocky.

As expected, things went smoothly for a brief while until one of the sisters took something valuable. A piece of jewellery belonging to the other trading gang and that was when things went down south. One sister was smart, the other just knew how to point and aim (and take things if she liked them.) Now they were wanted after by another gang in a completely different country, they only have five other boys who belonged to them and things didn't look very hopeful. Sure, they could go home- but one sister knew smuggling drugs wouldn't be as easy as it had looked.
They both agreed on staying in America, hoping they could grow into a much bigger gang. It was going to be hard, especially for two women but they knew they could work like snakes around the system. All they needed was time, guns and men. Naming themselves the Spliff Kings would help add some extra security, after all- hearing that name you'd think the masterminds would be men.

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Rules are vital for being a a part of the gang and we expect our members to know the rules of SAES before wanting to join. We try not to be relatively strict, but you shouldn't put your gang members down for breaking a rule you didn't know. Despite knowing the server rules, our gang has a couple rules as well. Press F1 for server rules.

  1. Treat all members with respect. If you find yourself not getting along with somebody, speak to a higher up and we can help diffuse the situation.

  2. Your enemies are your friends. We work as snakes, gain their trust.

  3. Listen to the HQ and other higher ups.

  4. We ask that you continue to speak English in our CC and Discord. It helps with communication of other members who may not know your mother tongue.

  5. Last time we checked, you did have a brain. Use it. Think before you do something.

  6. Try to remain active, if you feel you cannot then just tell a higher up. We are super understanding.

  7. Wear your tags if you can.

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Leader @sushii
Founders @NanoBob @/Beth

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What are we looking for in our applications?

  • Manners

  • Maturity

  • English Speakers

  • Confidence

If you're good at aiming in the game or bad at driving a car, it doesn't matter to us! As long as you understand the rules and can get along with the other gang members we are happy

Just shoot any of the Leaders or Founders a message for a step through step guide on how to apply. You can apply in our Discord.

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