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Reggi's Application for Community Staff


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Your ingame username: xr3gg1x
Your ingame alias: Reggi
Your year of birth: 1990
Your gender: Male

Nationality: American
Country of residence: USA

How long you have been playing SAES: Almost 6 years.
Qualities you can offer: My quality's in a sense would be my knowledge, maturity and drive to strive at anything I decide to try. I learn new things quickly and love to take on new challenges not only game wise but real life wise as well. I'm also very throughout when in terms of making a decision amongst my peers. I'm easy to speak with and very understanding, I always try to look for the positives in any situation I'm faced with. I consider myself a leader but also someone who likes a strong team. I'm a hard worker and can be very detail driven when working on things be it a new build on the server or a good roleplay. I know I have the right quality's and structure to be a great Community Staff member.

Your weaknesses: Connecting with some of strengths my weaknesses in this situation would be being such a hard worker. In the last 2 years I've been able to take a new job and already has been promoted. So now I play mostly Nights and weekends so I'm not able to be online 24/7 like I used to. (To add to that not many staff members are on during my times and probably leads a lot of things to be left over and not handled as quickly). Other then that weakness wise I don't have much to say we all have flaws but at my age I pretty much have everything together.

Do you have Discord Installed: Yes.

Reason for application: I'd really like to join the team, I think I have the qualifications to handle this position. I think I bring some unique things to the server and spike up some activity. SAES has forever been my home server after finding out other people still played this old game. I know and follow the rules every day and I know how the server flows. I'm all about fun and fair and would really be a benefit to the team.

Server Memberships:

  • The Company

  • Cuban Cars

  • San Andreas Fire Dept.

  • The Motor Heads

  • All Load Trucking

  • Zip Construction

Additional information: My name is Reginald Castillo known as Reggi, I'm 31 years old. A little more about me I have a full-time job in Communications just promoted to an onboarding specialist. On the side of that, I help run a ecommerce website. I'm a really chill person to be around and i'm always down to have fun. You'll mostly find me racing around Lvx, Flying my sparrow, Hosting Roleplays or getting killed in turf wars. Feel free to msg me in discord for any other questions

Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: None
Previous (legitimate) bans: None

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After reviewing playtime data from all of our applicants throughout the last couple of months, I regret to inform you that your activity has been on the lower end of the spectrum that is desired for this role and as a result you have not been successful during this recruitment.

May I recommend that you try and maintain consistent activity if you wish to apply for positions within the SAES Team in the future.

alt text

Decent activity in the last 30 days but none really in the couple months after. Unfortunately we're looking for recent consistent activity.

Best of luck next time!

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