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Pekekent's Application for Community Staff


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Your ingame username: pekecan
Your ingame alias: Pekekent
Your year of birth: 1997
Your gender: Male

Nationality: Turkish
Country of residence: Turkey

How long you have been playing SAES: 1,5 years.
Qualities you can offer: I love chatting with the people I dont know spontaneously and since I have been doing that for a long time in many different occasions. I would say I have the ability to understand and empathize with almost any kind of people, no matter what mindset. My close friends always tell me that I'm a good listener, I love listening to people and giving them advices in life, thinking about the most sensible solution to their problems. My oratory skills are very good, I can and do give very good speeches and I love doing it. Making people meet each other, become friends in order to build a great community and a group of friends, that is exactly what I am doing in my gang as one of the HQs. To speak a little bit more about SAES, I am indeed an HQ in JK and I have taught a lot of people how to play on SAES so far and I will continue to do so because I love doing it. To summarize it in a few sentences, my skills of getting to know people and making strong bonds with them, my skills of approaching people's problems around me rationally and focusing on the solutions, and my skills of handling the leadership of the organisation that I'm a part of would stand out the most about me.

Your weaknesses: Once in my German Language exam, my professor in university congratulated me for explaining my weaknesses very honestly and not just giving the same answers as other students who mostly said short temper etc. My most important weakness is assuming that people would do the same for me when I help them out or sacrifice things for them. I think the reason I'm struggling with this is, as I explained above, I keep meeting and talking to new people, getting to know them or even giving a new change to those who did me wrong before. I can't complain that much about this weakness of mine, because it clearly helps me to find out who is worth keeping in my life and who is not worth it.

Do you have Discord Installed: Yes.

Reason for application: Of course I'm not gonna say that I have been playing for 10 years, I have been only here for about one and half years because human beings are intelligent creatures that are capable of grasping things and adapting to their environments quickly. In my opinion, the more you respect yourself, the more you deserve respect from other people. In the beginning of my career, I drew myself a path, and that path took me here today to apply for Community Staff. I would like to be a part of this respected team of staff members, and honestly when I look at my own qualities I believe I am very well capable of nailing it.

Server Memberships: JK HQ - Outbreak Member - Racetech Member

Additional information: I am that guy whose nickname gives people nightmares to spell, I often hear hilarious names as Pepe, Pekenet etc. I am an economics student, currently in 3rd grade in a university in Istanbul. I am also into money investment as it's the profession I'm studying and as it's a profession that I learned from my father. I am also a music producer and just started uploading my work to Spotify and my artist name is Ond3r if anyone is wondering. I am also into working out as I have been doing it for many years.

Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: N/A
Previous (legitimate) bans: N/A

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