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Killer's Application for SAHA


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Your ingame username: killer1920
Your ingame alias: killer
Your year of birth: 1999
Your gender: Male

Nationality: Tunisian
Country of residence: Tunisia

How long you have been playing SAES: Late 2015
Qualities you can offer:
Well My strongest attribute is my determination, I always accept the challenge and do whatever I need to do to accomplish my goals. I have a good communications skills which it helps me to get to know new friends and get in a good conversations with them, I'm not a trouble maker, I always follow the rules and I try always stay in the right path to avoid the problems, I'm not an angel, but when I fall in troubles or something like that I always confess my mistakes and I make sure to do not fall in the same trap again. I'm a 100% responsible for my actions and I don't put the blame on the others or on the nature about the results of my actions, the only one to blame is me. When it comes to team work I listen carefully to the ideas of the team and I make sure to do my part of the job properly. Also, when my supervisor criticizes me, I don't get mad about it, Quite the contrary, I take his criticize as a challenge and I work really hard to prove that he is wrong about me and I show a better version of myself and my work.Moreover, I want to mention as well that I'm an active guy on Discord/Forum/In game and I always respond whenever my help is needed on something. Speaking of help, I'm a helpful guy that always rushes to help the others no matter what, if I can do something I'd never let him/her down. I'm a friendly, patient, good listener, trust worthy, mature guy who doesn't fall in provocation I usually ignore that. During tough situations I remain calm and focus more on the situation to do what I see is best for that. Also, I want to mention that I can speak multiple languages such as Arabic, Spanish, English, French and Portuguese. When I'm trying to take a decision on a problem that happened between two opposite sides I make sure to do not use sympathy or let my emotions control my actions, I treat both sides equally and listen carefully to the both sides and see the facts, and the proofs before I judge, and make sure to enforce justice. In the end I'm willing to offer my time, my experience and my services to whoever needs them.

Your weaknesses:
I care a lot about peoples judgement and I try to do everything as perfect as I can to avoid their negative judgement, but in this world, there are some people that no matter how hard you work or how hard you try they don't help you with a good word that pushes you to the top, I started being careless about others judgment lately and I believe its the best thing to do. other than that I trust people so fast and I believe that everyone deserve a second chance and I think that they will change cause maybe they learnt the lesson when they messed it up the first time, but sadly there are some people who use this against me, gain my trust and play behind my back. Furthermore, deep inside its hard for me to say that finally I'm good at something and I did it great, I'm always pushing myself to do more. Also, sometimes I'm way too honest and I do that spontaneously, it causes for me some problems, but to be honest I don't care if they don't accept the truth.
Do you have Discord Installed: Yes. (Killer#5586]

Reason for application:
The past couple of days I spent a lot of time thinking if I should apply or not because we all know that being a member of SAHA is not an easy job and require a lot of work and activity on SAES services (Discord/Forum/in game). I never applied before because I was not seeing myself ready to reach this position and work on that task, but now I see myself ready to take the responsibility and try to help the community when it comes to housing services. Moreover, I'm looking forward to start doing new things on the server that allows me to help people and to work with a professional team to satisfy the needs of our community also to guide the new people who join the server which is a thing that I like doing it. I'm excited and motivated and ready to take the challenge to work and help the people with my limited powers, I'll do my best for that.

Server Memberships:
Gang: CripZ~ sHQ
Radio SA|| World Farming Supply|| Outbreak Organization|| The Motor Heads|| Global Express Trucking|| Cunning Stunts|| San Andreas Studios|| ZIP
Additional information: I think I stated above all the necessary things, other than that I have nothing more to add
Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: Couple of mutes for failing a chat, other than that i'm clean.
Previous (legitimate) bans: n/a

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