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Kuby's application for Community Staff


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Your ingame username: IslemUk
Your ingame alias: kuby
Your year of birth: 1996
Your gender: male
Nationality: Algerian
Country of residence: I live in Algiers, the capital city of algeria
How long you have been playing SAES: sep 2012

Qualities you can offer : solving the problems & being attentive on small details, aswell as having the ability to handle criticism and cooperate with others.

Your weaknesses: Hmm, i criticize myself a lot. one pattern I've noticed throughout my playtime is that i often feel like i could have done more
Do you have Discord Installed: yes
Reason for application: well the method that could be used to maintain a high standard on my points of view as a veteran player: i can say that we have recently been lacking in communication skills and solving problems with an objectively and fairly way, better than having the entire community playing in fear of being punished which resulted in a lot of new players leaving the server for good. i could offer respect and appreciation between our players and remain in its service, and this happens by clarifying the mechanism of the game not by explaining the rules with different opinion and indirectly causing problems in our community as i said before, actually that make thoughts deviate from the right path. finally, Id like to say that the only goal that i can follow is to work with complet confidence on dimensions that all future problems that could face our server in the future spread over time in the midst of our community.

Server Memberships: organization zero / raceTECH veteran

Additional information:


i'm kuby 25 years old, I live in Algeria, I recently graduated from the Institute of Statistical Planning I speak French/arabic as main language.., also i have relations with english and turkish ,
I've been involved in this game and I have a good concept of how to be a lively person spreading positivity among people and having fun with them away from the stress of life in this virtual world, I consider myself as a person capable to participate in this responsibility if i get the chance.


Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: Too many to count ..

Previous (legitimate) bans: i don't remember well but it was in 2018 or 19 for disrespecting

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