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Durby's Application for Community Staff


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Your ingame username: giris
Your ingame alias: Durby
Your year of birth: 28/05/2000
Your gender: Male

Nationality: Turkish
Country of residence: Ankara, Turkey

How long you have been playing SAES: I've been playing on the server for about 10 years now (not sure about the exact date since it has been a very long time.). I've been on and off though.

Qualities you can offer:


Well first of all, as I stated above, I've been playing on the server for about 10 years more or less and I consider myself a veteran. I'm knowledgeable and experienced. I'm a very helpful person and, I like helping others. You can see me helping newbies on the main chat quite often. Because we were all newbies once!

Apart from that, my English is at an advanced level and, I don't have any communication problems while speaking with other people. This seems to be a general problem in the server so yeah... I'm coolheaded, I can pretty much get on with anyone if they're cool with me. I'm dedicated to my responsibilities and I always strive to achieve success at the highest rate possible. My motivation is purely dedicated to undertaking assignments that are given to me ( and the general duties of a community staff member.)

I've been on all 3 sides that you can pick, that being; crim, cop, and civilian side. That allows me to have information on nearly anywhere. Which allows me to help people, and that is the primary mission of a staff member I reckon. Of course, this is not all but I don't see a point in being all talk and no action. If I'm given the chance to be a staff member, you can be sure that I have a lot to offer and I can be a vital asset when things need to be done.

Hello once more, since the denial of my most recent application for the community staff role, nothing much has changed. You can find what I wrote in my old application in the spoiler above. The only thing that I'd like to state in this question is that, the denial I got was understandable and sane. From that point on, I've taken Kain's suggestions into account and prepped myself for the position as well as I can. Considering my experience and everything that has been said in the spoiler (old application), I think I'd be a perfect fit for the position after the SAES promotions and CS removals.

Your weaknesses: I don't get pissed easily. But when I do, I might be a pain in the ass. If something's gonna be a problem, that is it. I'm working on keeping my anger in control and I can easily say I'm pretty good at it. Nothing comes to mind apart from that.

Do you have Discord Installed: Of course, I do.

Reason for application:


I've been on this server and I pretty much did everything there is to do on this server. Join a g/s/c, make friends, turf, br, sr (hr back in the day). And all the other funky stuff you do. There were only two things that I didn't do before. Create my own gang and become a server staff/administrator member. I created NWA with my friends and it's going pretty strong. The only thing left for me is to take my chances with the SAES clan. I think it is about time I take the next step forward. That is why I'm interested in becoming a staff member.

Same in this question, you can find the old answer I gave in the spoiler given above. What I'd like to add to this is, to be fully honest, my last application was a bit rushed. I did not do any of the activities that are taken into account when assessing a possible Community Staff candidate. After my denial, I'd like to believe, I did everything in my power to help players both in-game and on the help and support channel in the SAES Discord. As I stated in the previous question, the denial became a fuel for my desire to help this community on a greater step, with more authority and responsibility.

Server Memberships:
No official gangs/squads as of now as we closed NwA about a month ago, will be joining a gang in the following days if my application is successful.

raceTECH - Racer

Additional information: Yes, I'd like to state one thing. I am aware that ingame activity is a big criterion when selecting community staff members. I'd like to humbly state that I've started my internship on the first day of July. From that point on, the work has really worn me off and I was not able to log in-game as much as I used to do. I actually had a bit of a chat about this with Brophy in the general chat of the SAES discord. The internship will end this week on the 20th of August and I guarantee that my activity will reach its peak limits as it used to do. I don't want this unfortunate coincidence to block my way. Because, I think that I can really do something good with this spot, serving the community.

Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: If I recall correctly, there shall only be 2 admin jails (and maybe a few mutes, I don't keep track of those but I don't think there are that much.) on my player record. The first one is was issued by an administrator that I can't recall as it was back in the timespan of 2017-2018. We were robbing the LS bank and someone marker killed another player. The player that got marker killed reported the event to the admins. The handling admin (there were a lot of players in the bank trying to leave so names overlapped over each other.) read the name wrong and thought that I was marker killing. I was in the saferoom at that time as I was trying to crack a safe. Later on, I contacted the admin and he re-checked the given evidence. Apologized to me and to the other cripz members as I was not in violation of any server rule. It was a misunderstanding.

The second admin jail, took place in 2020, near past. We were practicing for a LoungeVC game as the NWA team at the dust map. A guy (which I don't remember the name of) kept sabotaging our training and blocked us from training. This went on for a while so I reported him. I wasn't able to get a response from the admin team and frustration got the best of me, I killed him and he reported me. The jailing admin was Jojo. I talked it out with him but the jail stuck. Was a legit jail, I should've kept my cool.

Previous (legitimate) bans: None.

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After a small discussion amongst the HQ team, we've decided to revert this decision due to your performance.

It's very difficult to observe all applicants to a high degree and at times high performing individuals do sometimes slip under the radar as was the case here.

As a result, we're going to give you a chance.

Apologies for the emotional rollercoaster.

alt text

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