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Tuga Thugs In Rememberance Event #1


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Hello everyone,
Ive always had this idea that you should never lose hope in happy endings, unfortunately there is no such thing as a happy ending sometimes. I still believe everything good must come to an end, especially if we want to go in our own terms.

The year was 2012 and it was exceptional, the server was much different and the community itself was wonderful. Thats when Tuga Thugs was established by TbdS & JP4, sadly no longer among us.

We gained the necessary strength, courage and confidence, we have been trying to do our best throughout the years and its been an absolute honor to share this many experiences with you. We thank you SAES for everything!

Unfortunately, the year is no longer 2012 but 2021. We feel like our time has passed and like all good things, TT must also come to an end. We want people to remember us as a strong, funny and respectful gang. This is NO joke. I'm here to annonce that TT is officially ~[CLOSED.]~(red) (https://saesrpg.uk/topic/27937/tuga-thugs-departure-from-saes?page=1)

Its the end of an era for us and possibly SAES, since TT became one of the most influential gangs in the server. As such, you can expect some extra activities from us during these special days and don't hesitate to share some good memories youve had with us!

We start by announcing a farewell event, much to our delight.

~[Sunday at 8PM server time; Street Fight 1vs1; Winner takes home $45.000.000 and our gratitude.]~(sienna)

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