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A new criminal group



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I've been planning to create such a topic for awhile, but I wasn't really sure. I wasn't sure how the community would react, but considering the lowering playerbase, I guess this idea would work perfectly fine for literally everyone.

First, I'd like to say to state down that I don't mean to create "CLO V2" or "CEM V2" or w/e. The point is different.

As we all know, there are 3 special cop groups (DE, HLS and SS). Those 3 cop groups are fine, in my opinion they should be part of the server, because they attract people towards them and thus possibly bring something fresh and new towards the life of a cop, which we all have to agree - is boring and monotonous. Those 3 groups are split in 3 different roleplay areas, which makes them even better.

Let's now have a look at the criminal side. There's CLO and OB. CLO is a special group and is a lot more closed to public, which is completely normal, considering its status. OB is a great group for people that are interested in jail, and honestly they've been doing their job perfectly, while the old jail lasted, which proved that the group should keep its status of a respected criminal gorup that triggers activity from both sides in the jail. That isn't enough though.

I think that we all have to agree that 2 groups aren't enough for the criminal side, considering that one of them is closed to public, the other one is completely based on the jail only.

Here comes my idea. As every single criminal group that has been created in the last year has been denied by the group managers, as they were called "gang looking like" or "copy of other groups" (meanwhile there are cop groups that are legit squads, they have the same functions as well, but i wont comment it further), my idea is a group to be created, that will be lead by one (or two) SAES admins (criminals), they will choose their HQ team and the group will start with only a base, two spawns and 4 skins, logically some guns as well, just like every other regular group

Yes, this sounds completely impossible, I agree, but this is the only way to bring something fresh to the server, as there are barely any new scripts or any new feature at all.

Some people might like it, some people might not, but let's take SAP for example. SAP was not a special group, it basically was a regular group with a katana and it was attracting amazing amount of people, we were holding massive recruitments in 2020, we were making massive activities with great amount of people involved, almost every group was getting involved, including DE, CLO, HLS, SS, OB, IZC. SAP was the great example of what a third criminal group can do, if the people inside it are willing to have fun and willing to find ways to attract people. I doubt that anyone can disagree with me at this point, including our "enemies" from the cop side. The cop side is monotonous and doing that kind of massive warzones between groups, where every single one can take part kept everyone interested. That's exactly what the new criminal group should be based on.

Now, what the group should do, in order to look more different from every other group or gang... it's simple. SAP, while it existed, proved that the scripts aren't the most important thing, in order to have fun. The new group can raid bases (criminal and cop baes included) for the sake of stealing and DMing, where cops can always appear as third side (if it's crims vs crims) to shut down the dangerous activity, the new gorup can take over different zones in SA, it can kidnap the VIP (similar to what we were doing months ago), etc. New ideas could always show up.

This group is supposed to be different, due its leadership. If the leadership is based on admins, every problem would be handled a lot faster, thats the idea of it.

The whole idea isn't to have just another criminal group. The idea is to have a group that is more open to the public, of course, isn't even close to be as special as the other groups, but its there to trigger activity within every group of the currently existing "lethality" groups.

Yes, I know this happened in the past, but considering the current state of the server, this would appear to be a lot more useful for everyone, it would get the cops off the monotonous spamming of nightstick and it would give the gang members a break of the turfing. At least there will be something else to do.

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that is great idea, wish to see it in server soon we can cause really all feel boring from all time SRS or regrouping near 40 mint for 1 Br maybe kamikaze or cops be less 10 and can't do anything
so I just hope to see big updates with a lot of actions in server from make all hf and make server be enjoyable :hype:

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Yeah right, Out Break organisation have one role, jail breaking and it is unfun currently due to the jail situation, San Andreas Pirates were able to participate in a Jail Break, Bank Robbries and Store Robberies, while now CLO members can't even detect a SR / can't participate in a BR.
Having another group open for criminal is a good idea to bring the activity back

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