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[FEATURE] Weapon Changer for Organization Bases



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This is an old idea of mine which I had scripted around a year ago for my group, Outbreak Organization. Later on, as I showed it to other people such as gang HQs, they found it interesting hence I decided to make a poll about it on forums.

It's basically an idea of having a marker as a level reward for, let's say level 4+ gangs, in their bases, which is restricted only to their spawns and lets them change their weapons to one another in the same type.

For example for squads, if your spawn has 300 Shotguns but you wish to raid a bank robbery with Combat Shotgun, instead of dropping them and taking CS out from your storage or buying from an ammunation you simply walk into the marker and let it give you 300 Combat Shotguns. Or for gangs, if your spawn has 300 M4 but you feel more like using AK47, you get 300 AK47 instead.

It by no means give you any extra ammo, but gives you the same amount of ammo for another weapon. Here below is a video of it to be understood more clearly.


P.S: The reason I suggested it to be a level 4 reward is that level 4 is where you get a combat shotgun in your spawn, and below that you can only get Shotgun / Sawed Off hence it'd be kind of cheating for level 2 & 3.

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This could be added as an additional possibility of donation rewards, which would cost a certain amount by a donator (single person) but used by the whole organization.
In my opinion, the suggested idea - weapon changer, is not a necessary thing for organizations to have, yet it is a great thing to have as it empowers organization members that prefer other or different weapons as opposed to the ones chosen and used in the organization's spawns.

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