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Hello everyone!
This is a feature that has crossed my mind and I thought it would be very useful for SAES players. Before talking about its benefits, lemme first explain what it is. It is quite simple! with a simple command such as ( /hide main) for example, you will be able to hide main-chat only! while keeping the other chats on the screen instead of hiding all the chat. Now you might wanna ask what's the purpose behind this idea.. Here is why I think it is useful.
For RPs/Media : Players who wanna do RPs can easily hide other chats and keep only the chat they need (loca-lchat in this case). So when they take clean screenshots for activities or filmmaking, all the unnecessary chats would be hidden.
For streaming : When streaming, instead of putting a huge logo on top of the chat or hiding all of it, obviously because of sensitive, racist, and toxic content that appears in the chat, you can simply keep the important chat for the viewers to see maybe.
For your own needs : Or maybe you are fed up of a certain chat and you wanna focus on team/CC chat, this would help to!
Lemme know your thoughts about it below, maybe we can add other features to improve it even more.

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