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Hidan's LWS Events


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Welcome, I will post my activities for LWS in here!

alt text
Event Number #
Event type:

alt text

list of events I've done or want to do.


Quadbike Race
Ambulance Race
RoadTrain Race
Faggio Race
reach the Roses
Find the right door
Fall Out with NRG
Last Man Standing
1v1 Deagle
Bar Fight
Box All vs All
Fall Out
Chicken Kicker
Chicken Nader
Arrest me at
Hunter Shotter
Rhino Shotter
Hydra Shotter
Destruction Derby
Swimming Race
Musical Chairs
Land on my Car
Boxing Tournment
Boxing 1v1
True or False
Lucky Nade
Face the Rhino
Lucky Tube
1v1 Sniper
LMS only deagle
LMS only uzi


alt text

Total number of hosted events: 0
Total money spent on events: $ 0

alt text

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