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The Strike Team - Level 1 Application


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^[alt text]
Current level: 0
Our Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/4QV2bZtRGs
Squad Color Code: 000066
Squad Money 50.000.000 $
Squad Panel The-Strike-Team
Media Archive https://saesrpg.uk/topic/26411/tst-the-strike-team-media-archive/25?page=1

alt text
It was 2012, when 2 officers were patrolling around Los Santos. It has been an easy night with less to do. But suddenly they heard people screaming, they reported it to the LSPD and went for a look. They saw a robbery by the feared gang Arms Assassins, the 2 officers(Danny and SniperX) called for back up but there wasn't any at this time. They were standing alone against 10 high wanted criminals. After some discussions they finally got their plan ready and raided the base, they took out 1,2,3,4....all men! They saved the civilians from LS! Back at the station the officers decided to start a new squad, based on the descicions they made in that night, it is called the Strike Team.
November 2015, TST, a squad feared by many gangs, has come to an end, why? Dannys best friend, SniperX retired.. Danny took the squad over but it wasn't the same as with SniperX. So he decided to retire too, together with the squad, who has been shut down. For ever? Maybe, but we will never know.

June 2016, SniperX and Danny never spoke again since the retirement of them both and the closing of TST, but somehow they found each other on the beach of LS, they started chatting and asked what they were doing now, they both lived in LV and were kind of bored, they have seen the criminal activities in the city has grown since they closed TST. Danny asked SniperX if he would join him for dinner and they both went to a restaurant near LV bank when they heard sirens, it was a bankrob, they couldnt do anything as they werent officers anymore but they looked at each other and they thought the same.. TST is back!
alt text
The Strike Team's main role is raiding bases & store robberies.Also The Strike Team taking care of all criminal activities around SA.Giving assistance all officers when required and protecting banks for any criminal activity.
alt text
Go in, get it done and get out.

It is based on our RP role, we are raiding a base of a gang (go in) Arrest or clear the base (get it done) and go to the next base (get out)

alt text
-Commander / Leader ( level 8 )

This is the leader of the squad, he will look at the financial things, will look for
properties and operates everything.

-Vice Leader / Major General (level 7)

This is the leaders right hand.

-Sub Leader (Level 6 )

This is the leaders 3rd hand, he has been a HQ for a long time and is one of the head HQs.

-Chief of Staff (Level 6)

This is the right hand of Sub Leader.The one who helps sub leader to control HQ team and regular members

-HQ Team (Level 5)

They are the veterans of the squad. They are loyal and searching for potential members, they have ability to promote and kick/invite/warn. They will watch the members.

-Colonel (Level 4)

This is the guy between HQs and members and they are making sure everyone knows what to do and when to do. They are also able to test applicants.

-Major (Level 3)

They are Colonel's Assistants and their main job is keeping team in order.

-Captain (Level 2)

Members with this rank should assist Major and Colonel with their job

LT < Lieutenant (Level 1)

This guys' jobs are to line up the players when action is required and control the guys as required.

SGT < Sergeant (Level 1)

Lieutenant's Assistants to help keep team in order.

PFC < Private First Class (Level 1)

PSC < Private Second Class (Level 1)

PVT < Private (Level 1)

They are the newest members after the probation who haven't recieved ranking yet.

R < Recruit (level 0)

This is the probation time, here you will learn all the tactics and rules you need. Probation time is 2 weeks.

-After the Recruit, all ranks are promotion only and promotions are up to HQ Team.

alt text

Commander / Leader

Vice Leader / Major General

Sub Leader (Leader of HQ Team)

Chief of Staff

HQ Team





SGT-SSC [Sergeant-Sergeant Second Class-Sergeant First Class]

PVT-PFC-PSC[Private-Private Second Class-Private First Class-Private]





Total Members: 10

Total ProCops: 1

Inactive Members: 0

alt text

~[Part 1 / Personal information]~(navy)

Ingame Name:
Have you ever been kicked/banned from the server ? / if yes why?
Have you ever been kicked from a Gang/squad ? / if yes why?

~[Part 2 / Your playtime in MTA/SAES.]~(navy)

How long have you been playing MTA?
How long have you been playing on SAES?

Are you in any groups?:
Do you have PC (Procop membership)?:

~[Part 3 / Questions about your qualifications.]~(navy)


Describe RolePlay:
Describe TeamWork:

~[Part 4 / What to do if.]~(navy)

What would you do if you are chasing someone and they avoided arrest?
What would you do if someone came and asked you for a bribe?
Someone DMs you:
Someone from our squad with a higher rank calls you?

~[Part 5 / Additional Questions.]~(navy)

Did any TST member suggest you to apply? Who?
Did you have the chance to hang around with any TST before applying? If so who?
Why do you want to join TST?:
Give us atleast one good reason to accept you?:
Tell us something about yourself( more than 30 words):
Additional information:

Our Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/4QV2bZtRGs

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