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Tactical Response Agency - Level 1 Application


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^[alt text]

^[Tactical Response Agency - T.R.A.]

^["No risk means no success"]

^[Welcome to T.R.A. official topic. Here you can find the most important information regarding the squad.]

alt text

  • Squad Tags: [TRA]Name<Rank>

  • Squad Name: Tactical Response Agency

  • Squad Level: 0

  • Squad Base: Las Venturas Police Departement.

  • Squad Skins ID: 165

  • Squad Color Code: #c4d9ff

  • Squad Motto: No risk means no success.

  • Squad Creation Date: 11.04.2021

  • Squad Money: 100 000 000$

  • Media Archieve topic: https://saesrpg.uk/topic/26401/tactical-response-media-archive

  • Discord Server: https://discord.gg/TUshafQRG3

^[Tactical Response Agency's current HQ]

^[alt text]

alt text
T.R.A. stands for Tactical Response Agency. It was created by a few people that had experience in the police and criminal areas. At the very start, those people were part of the law enforcements, they have been fighting the crime side by side with the most elite cops around. After some time though, those people decided to have a taste of the criminal side, they left their positions and joined the streets for quite some time. They saw excessive murdering, stealing and what not, which stimulated them to not only come back in the law side, but also create an agency that is based on skill and communication. The agency has as a goal to recruit the most experienced and the bravest cops. All of the agents involved at the start were familiar with each other, so running such an agency wasn't that big of a deal. The goal was simple - shut down completely the criminal organizations, by continuous and lethal operations by air and ground. T.R.A. is interested in completely dominating the criminals by using every kind of force.

T.R.A. is completely fine with working with every police organisation, in order to assist each other and hopefully help each other out. We're okay with raiding / shutting criminals activities down with the help of other squads.

T.R.A. was made to defense the safety of every citizen of San Andreas, the founders of the group united themselves to create the agency that is unique and based on friendly communication and skill.

alt text
T.R.A. is aiming to recruit the best agents that will be doing their best for the safety of the city. That aside, our agents are always open to partipicate in any kind of training or public cop activities, we'd love to cooperate with every cop, as long as they're willing to cooperate as well. The agents are well known to raid dangerous zones by air, our agents are specialized in parachuting, coordinating in an air raid and also piloting. We can raid by air every place, as long as its possible to reach it.

The founders of the squad decided to make sure that the agents that they'll recruit will be capable of using air vehicles, as well as regular road vehicles. As we want to be the best at that, we'll be making sure that our members are meeting our criteria.

We're known to raid criminal bases, once we got an information of spicy things happening. T.R.A. is fine with responding to Jail breaks, any kind of robberies, as well as regular patrols, in which some highly wanted criminals are getting chased. We can assure you that our agents are good at using force, driving and piloting included.

The Agency offers its protecting function as well, T.R.A. is okay with protecting someone that simply has to be protected. We use air and ground forces mainly.

In short, our agents are mostly trained and skilled in.

  • Any kind of raids on any spicy area, a gang war or any kind of activity that is dangerous for the civilians of San Andreas.

  • Store Robberies & Bank Robberies raids, our agents know that the sucessful robberies bring chaos to the environment of San Andreas,

  • T.R.A. provides special air & ground defense to any government member, VIP, special transporting and anything related to that.

  • T.R.A. is interested in raiding (in any way) criminal bases. Our agents are capable of doing this, thus once we got information of something going on, we simply raid.

  • T.R.A. is highly experienced in pursuits and any kind of activities on road, as well as in air. Our agents are well trained to keep everyone safe, yet catch the wanted criminal in the best way possible

  • T.R.A. members usually arrest highly wanted criminals, BUT during different kind of raids and activities, our agents will be aiming to jail everyone, the wanted level wouldn't really matter.

  • T.R.A. is capable of stopping jail breaks, as our agents are well informed about the structure of the jail. During a massive jail break and possible riots around it, our agents will respond and secure the whole area, the inside of jail included.

  • T.R.A. is interested in working with & assisting the rest of the squads in handling the criminals activities together. We're open minded as long as we see an opportunity to work with someone.

Tactical Response Agency is willing to work only with cop forces that are willing to cooperate. Acting big, edgy and being an ass definitely won't attract us to work with you.

alt text

^[Director <D>]

^[Cappo (milan6969)]

^[Vice Director <vD>]

^[Jasper (xpro)]

^[HeadQuarters <HQ>]

^[Vacant - proper HQs will be chosen once the squad gets bigger]

^[First Class Agent <FCA>]

^[Axestos (lollie519)]

^[Second Class Agent <SCA>]


^[Third Class Agent <TCA>]

^[Alfred (ops111)]
^[BORA (beko34)]
^[Fenter (fenter90)]
^[Rick (jerome11)]

^[Field Agent <FA>(Probationary rank)]

^[M9co / Sunrise (ilya60601)]
^[Liyones (dhiamlaih)]

^[Honorary Members]

^[Lincoln - Co-founder of the squad, highly respected agent.]
^[Xavier - Helped the squad, highly respected agent.]
^[Adistar - Helped the squad, highly respected agent.]
^[Bazuka - Created and designed the logo of the Agency]

alt text

  • T.R.A. doesn't have way too many rules, but we make sure to follow them all. Having common sense, using your brain and just having fun is enough to enjoy the game not disturb the rest.

  • Follow the F1 Rules.

  • Do not abuse anything within the T.R.A. equipment.

  • Follow the leads of the HQ & Leadership.

  • Use your brain and have common sense.

  • Always be willing to help out a fellow cop in need.

  • As already mentioned, we aim aim to arrest highly wanted criminals only, but we do NOT have a rule for that. If you're caught in a criminal activity, it isn't our fault for getting you in jail.

  • More rules could be found in T.R.A. Private.

alt text

The Agency recruiting system is a lot more different than any other squad. Our goal is to show off the difference between us and the rest, in order to catch more interest.

We do not have an application format, all you have to do is join our Discord, contact anyone from the Leadership (L, VL or HQ, you choose). Once you've done that, you can start patrolling with our members, as there will be private vote happening. The Leadership will discuss your interest, also the members will share their opinion on you and soon enough, we'll contact you to tell you your result of the discussions. The result of the private voting will not be exposed and no T.R.A. agent is allowed to share it, thus the vote remains strongly private within T.R.A.

It's good to keep in mind that we never "forget" about someone that has interest, please, do NOT ask the Leadership continuously about the answer. If we haven't answered yet, it means that we're simply not ready. Be patient and mature, while we try our best to figure out how to proceed with you.

If you get accepted, you get in T.R.A. as Probationary Agent. You'll have 1 month to show activity and skill, in order to prove the Leadership that we didn't do a mistake.
If you meet the criteria for a Probationary Agent (approximately 1 month after joining), you completely get in T.R.A. as Third Class Agent (lvl 1).

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