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[LWS-STAFF] Blacky's LWS Events


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Welcome to Blacky's LWS Events topic, here i will post all my events hosted for LWS.

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Hello, im blacky my real name is Baha im 21 years old i live in Tunisia with my familly in a city called Sousse. i start playing on SAES.RPG since 7 months, i saw my friends playing on the game and i love it so mush, my current gang membership is JUMBO KLAN and my groups are Racetech and ALT.
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Total number of hosted events: 30
Money Spended: 36.000.000
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*(1v1 dildo)
*(kill lws)
*(chiken shooter)
*(chicken nader)
*(1v1 sniper)
*(monsters vs cars)
*(1v1 deagle)
*(rhino shooter)
*(fight or fail)
*(fish shooter)
*(kart fight)
*(sea marathon)
*(avoid the shamal)
*(the last servivor from the hydra rocket)
*(hunter ALL vs ALL)
*(survive from the sharks)
*(king of sniper)
*(LMS no rules)
*(Avoid the car)
*(1 hit kill dildo)
*(chicken knife)
*(Survive from Monster)
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alt text
~[Event Format:]~(lime)
-Event #(Number)
-Type of event:
-LWS/G6 Helper(s):
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