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Brusko Bros |Level 1 Application


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Named after The Brusko Bros series of crime comedy films.
Brusko Bros is the name given by Interpol to an international jewel thief network.
Consisting of 200-250 members from Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The organization is responsible for some of the most audacious thefts in the history of crime.
Although the Brusko Bros are not only known for their successful rate of robberies.
They have also been notarized for their daring break-ins as well as their creative escapes.
For example, in St. Tropez they burglarized a store dressed in flowery shirts and then escaped on a speed boat.
The group is thought to consist of over two hundred members.
Therefore, it is safe to say that a majority of their heists have been successful and many of the members have simply gotten away with their crimes.
Their total haul is believed to be in the billions of dollars.
Many of their heists are below 45 seconds, and are done without the use of guns,
this leaves the civilians around them untouched.
This is truly a considerate group of thieves: why hurt anyone that has nothing to do with the heist?

What is the other known information on Brusko Bros?

Date of creation:
Founders: Axel Clester Animator
Brusko Bros level: 4
Brusko Bros value : $ 2,000,000
Brusko tag: Bros
Color code: #000000

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~Vice Leader~
~Second Mate~

~Third Mate~


~6th Mate~


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