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Red Devils Motorcycle Club [Archived]


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Created on 5th of July 2013
Ended on 26th of May 2017


This topic is in honor of our members who have been part of this club and we thank you for being with us these years! With all of our members' support, we have achieved our goal. As a result, I decided to re-post this topic in the new forums so that it is not forgotten. We would also like to thank the community that has supported us all these years and helped us along our journey!











The Red Devils are a "one-percenter" motorcycle club. Their roleplay is to perform any kind of activities that make it possible to live the life of a biker. This means: they live the old-fashioned way, do not hold a specific job and earn money in different ways. They often do trips and hang around at bars where they enjoy their lives. That also makes the Red Devils harder to catch since they don't have a routine. They do not accept the laws of the SA government, have their own rules, and follow them.



There have been heard that the Red Devils also work with a mafia. After a long relationship where the mafia showed interest in the motorcycle club and the club showed interest in the business of the mafia, they became an ally. The kind of operations they take part in is difficult. They perform robberies for them that can't be performed by the mafia due to their undercover status. To make this possible, the mafia delivers all the materials that are needed. This makes the Red Devils an unstoppable MC when it comes to weaponry and funds.



Red Devils may be criminals behind the scenes, but on a normal day, they are just a collection of bikers that are verified mechanics that help the ones in need of help. They are the owners of the company named "Garage 184". However, the company is neutral and totally independent of the club's activities. Garage 184 does not only include hardcore Devil members, but also the public of SA. Those who work for Garage 184 do however tend to end up as prospects in the club. We usually work on motorcycles, but can fix and tune both cars and trucks as well.



Palomino Creek is heard to be their hometown. They seem to choose this because of their interests in the area. They think that the town is the best place for them as a motorcycle club because there are no authorities close enough to interfere with their criminal activities. Palomino Creek itself has great infrastructure to use as they transport guns. The roads in the area are rarely used for anything, which makes them ideal for business.






alt text



Organisation level : 5 ( 05-12-2015 )

Club creation : 5th of July 2013
Club account : [gang]RedDevilsMC
Club tag : RDMC|Name|Patch ( Prospects wear the tag RDMC|Name|P* )
Charter tag : RDMC:Charter|Name|Patch ( Prospects wear the tag RDMC:Charter|Name|P*
Club alliance(s) : Enternia, Hell Soldiers and Black Bullets
Motorcycle color: #000000 and #FF0000
Nomad topic : Click
LS charter topic : n/a
BC charter topic : Click
Club panel : RedDevilsMC
Member count : 79
Club color : #FF0000 ( Bold / Nonbold )
Club founders : XgangsterX & Thing
Club media archive : Click
Club roleplay archive : Click
Palomino Creek roleplay archive : Click
Club skins :

alt text

Promo :




Club level application history :



alt text



Here you are able to find the rules within the club which is the most important to know! Once a member violates a rule, he will be given a warning. Prospects will be removed if they get a second warning. Other members will be removed after they get a third warning. Why do we give prospects 2 warnings and normal members 3 warnings before they get out of the club?



As a prospect, you are new to the club. This means we won't treat you equally as the patched members. You still haven't proved yourself. Those have to show themselves if they really deserve to be part of us.. to get patched. If they prove us wrong by violating a rule.. they get a lower chance to succeed.



Patched members can not violate the server rules either. What they do have as an advantage is a fact that they are in the club for a while and finished their times as a prospect. These people are trusted and one rule break will not cause them to be kicked. That is why patched members get 3 warnings before they are getting kicked out.



Warning levels can only be removed by the involved person or persons and if the problem has been solved. Besides that, we also look at their behavior and if it has been improved.

  • Follow all the in-game rules stated in the F1 menu
  • Follow all the orders from high-ranked members. If you fail to follow the orders, you will be given a warning
  • Follow all the orders from high-ranked members. If you fail to follow the orders, you will be given a warning
  • Be respectful and polite to everyone! ( IF you aren't performing your role (RP) )
  • Your motorcycle must present your club color
  • You must greet your fellow Charter brother ( example: /shake 8 )
  • If we are doing a road trip, the guy who leads is in front, followed by other members based on descending order of ranks


Most of the club rules aren't stated but are known inside the club. If you are new to the club, you will learn them by spending your time with the club.



alt text

alt text



They are a charter of the Red Devils Motorcycle Club located in Bone County. They are open to any kind of business that earns but they mainly stick on drugs, human trafficking and money laundering. Their club house is located at Fort Carson in the North-West of Bone County.



Bone County Charter Info



Charter creation : June 2016
Charter tag : RDMC:BC|Name|Patch
Motto : Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names.
Motorcycle color : #190B07 and #500000
Alliances : Enternia - Black Bullets - Hell Soldiers
Contracts : Atlantic Transport & Logistics
Recruitment Status : CLOSED



alt text



They are a charter of the Red Devils Motorcycle Club located in Los Santos. They are open to any kind of business that earns but we mainly stick on drugs and selling lowriders. Our club house is located at Willowfield, southeast of Los Santos.



Los County Charter Info



Charter creation : April 2016
Charter tag : RDMC:LS|Name|Patch
Motto : We don't leak oil, we mark our territory!
Motorcycle color : #FFFFFF and #FF0000
Alliances : Enternia - Black Bullets - Hell Soldiers
Contracts : CLOSED
Recruitment Status : CLOSED



alt text






The president is the leader of the chapter. He is the club's figurehead and is usually the spokesman when dealing with the police or the media. The president represents together with his vice the club at any given hearing with other organizations and always be available to help another one way or another. Members who do not respect the president will be kicked out of the club directly.



  • XgangsterX username: xgangsterx


Vice President



The vice president is the president's left hand, second in charge and fills in when the president is away. The vice president is often the heir apparent to the club's leadership although this isnt the case. The VP's initial role in a club is to promote the club and make it look good, meeting others and building a connection.



  • Sneijder username: snjader


Assistant of Vice President



A subordinate rank to the vice president. He helps the vice president with fulfilling his daily tasks of the organisation of the club, new ideas and mental support, and to take on the vice's responsibilities when needed.



  • Honer username: 4e4os333


Secretary [Head of HQs]



The secretary is one of the responsible members of the HQ team. Just like the prez, vice and avp he will look at the way that the HQ team performs. If things aren't going as they supposed to be he needs to set up a meeting with the other high members to solve it.



  • Thing. username: thehh (Part of BC Charter)


Chaplain [HQ]



A chaplain is a leader within the RDMC otherwise known as a member of the HQ team, they are the main guys below the vice and the prez, the chaplain gets help from the sergeant at arms to organize activities for the club. The events and road trips can also be organized by a level 2 member, for roleplays, there needs to be a sergeant at arms or higher.



  • FlyinT username: flyintiger (Part of BC Charter)
  • Crash username: masterkiller
  • XbladeX username: xbladex900 (Part of BC Charter)


Sergeant at Arms [sHQ]



The Sergeant-at-Arms is responsible for ensuring that the Bylaws and Standing Rules of the club are not violated. He is responsible to ensure that the orders of the Executive Committee are carried out in an expeditious manner. He is responsible for policing and keeping order at all club events, except as noted under the Duties of the President. He may conscript members to aid in keeping order on their own authority. He has the responsibility to the club to report any unseemly behavior of incident to the Executive Committee. He is responsible for securing any patches or colors from any member who retires, resigns, or is expelled. The SAA is responsible for the safety and security of the club, as well as the protection and defense of its members and prospects. He shall keep and maintain a record of all data pertinent to the safety and security of the club and its members and prospects. Upon becoming aware of any real or perceived threat to the club, its Members, Prospects, or events, he shall immediately notify the Executive Committee of that information.



  • Ance username: thelab


Life Member



Veterans are considered lifelong members of the club, usually having served a large number of years and are too old to operate as a normal patched member. Life-members retain their patch even though they may no longer take an active part in the club. Some life-members retire although they are still technically part of the club until they die.



  • Bounty username: bounty
  • Only username: pexx (Part of BC Charter)
  • Toni username: toni2686
  • Yoe username: aimedbody1 (Part of BC Charter)
  • Togna username: mrtogna21
  • Picos username: picos
  • Zak726 username: zak762
  • Sentinel username: tijn1117 (Part of BC Charter)
  • Aminey username: amineyy (Part of LS Charter)
  • AchrafMsf username: moustafiachraf
  • SmokeyLife username: mits
  • Afterlife username: afterlife
  • Tape.Adjuster username tapeadjuster
  • V1p3r username: djdemon7
  • Sally username: sally229
  • Ramby username: ramby
  • Anarchaotic username: anarchaotic
  • Moder[N] username: lightningnl (Part of BC Charter)
  • RobleS username: santilr
  • X-Man username: xman11
  • LePapaDoc username: damonwayan
  • Frkly username: frkly





The treasurer is the chapter's money-man and hes in charge of collecting club fees, run funds and paying the bills. The treasurer is responsible for collecting any debts owed to the club and usually gets the job of checking out business opportunities prior to any decisions being made. The treasurer is usually the person who handles the proceeds of a club's illegal activity.



  • KinG username: king54
  • Maximus username: maximus69 (Part of BC Charter)
  • Tig username: punisher123
  • Paint username: paintnlx (Part of LS Charter)


Road Captain



The road captain is the top dog enforcing the rules of the road, he will plan the club's routes and official runs, the road captain will always take the lead position followed by ranking order, this position is sometimes considered a lesser role in the committee. This is an important job and will require a dedicated member.



  • ExTrem3! username: giannhsid
  • MaxWeR username: maxwer
  • HST username: hassan1999tafesh
  • DracoX username: hnic (Part of LS Charter)
  • Diran username: gosta (Part of LS Charter)





A patched member of the Red Devils has earned the right to many assets of the club. They've worked their way up and earned the respect of the club, one of them being to attend the weekly meetings where all issues are discussed. They are responsible for representing the club.



  • Jordy username: acergt (Part of BC Charter)
  • Joe username: joe117 (Part of LS Charter)
  • Xtream username: klevis11 (Part of LS Charter)
  • Davey username: davey (Part of LS Charter)
  • Adway username: adway (Part of BC Charter)
  • Tom username: tom123 (Part of LS Charter)
  • Minion username: minionpro (Part of LS Charter)
  • Saw username: kikou11
  • Relax username: lazarijan
  • J0k3r username: j0k3rrr
  • Cris username: bobmarley007
  • Vincjento username: vincjento
  • Delusion username: freestylb
  • Five username: kovacar525
  • Aleid username: aleid
  • Misho username: mish0
  • Barney username: semens
  • Ew0ny username: ace5
  • XbackPT username: xbackpt
  • Mozzy username: mozzy
  • LudacriS username: ludacris
  • MrMoon username: and393
  • VipLine username: vipline12
  • Bluzz username: evilxivo
  • Weedlife username: georgeektm
  • DMT username: demdem2012
  • Price username: bobtwix
  • Tamo username: abood000702 (Part of BC Charter)
  • Voli username: omrane147 (Part of BC Charter)





An outsider of the club. A prospect is also known as a probationary member who has yet to earn their full patch, they're considered bikers in training, getting ready to take on the duties of a full patched member, but first, they have to prove their loyalty to the club and must be ready to engage in illegal activities to do so. This status is only gained after having had the title of a "Hangaround" which is simply an associate of the club by drinking with them, riding with them and getting to know them, you become a prospect once the club sees you as potential MC material.



  • Alex_Clark username: leonheart
  • Piercee username: piercee
  • CryptX username: hunterix53 (Part of LS Charter)
  • Sika username: skyhawk3333 (Part of LS Charter)
  • Slyer username: slyer221 (Part of LS Charter)
  • Mrwan username: jaycee2015
  • Eissa username: eissa2000 (Part of LS Charter)
  • RyZe username: iso (Part of BC Charter)
  • Mrkii username: laki (Part of BC Charter)
  • Hesha username: hi5ha
  • Domingez username: domingez





They are often at the clubhouse and actively support the club, attending public meetings. Their job is to become known around the club members and deserve their respect. Hangarounds have to show loyalty to the MC but aren't involved in the club's business.



  • Won't be listed


Friends of the Club



They aren't inside the club, but they are often regulars at the clubhouse and actively support the gang, attending functions and taking part in events.

  • Bunny
  • E$O
  • Apollo
  • Royal
  • Smack
  • Teddybear
  • Sam
  • Nicus
  • Danny
  • Epic
  • AnouSa
  • Ivo
  • Gui#
  • ArtimoX
  • Riani
  • Billionaire
  • _HipsterZ
  • NStar
  • Henry
  • TraGeD
  • Potato
  • Lamza
  • Rampage
  • Human
  • inFamous
  • Siddman
  • Xoeric
  • Royalty


Member Count: 79



alt text



alt text



Located in Palomino Creek, Red County. This is the place where the Devils usually are seen, gather around, hang around, chill and enjoy their lives. We have chosen this because of our interests in the area. We think that the town is the best place for us as a Motorcycle club, because there is no authorities close enough to interfere with our criminal activities. Palomino Creek has great infrastructure for us to use as we transport guns. The roads in the area is rarely used for anything which makes them ideal for our business. The ''Devils' Cabin'' is only open from 6PM till 1AM. Everyone is welcome to pay a visit at that time.. except the people that are not welcome or not being respected by the club. Grab a nice cold beer and enjoy the rock music while you enjoy your drink.



alt text



Located in Fort Carson, Bone County. This is the place where BC gathers around for club meetings, drink together and enjoy themselves. The place is strictly restricted and only the Devils are welcome.. unless it's business. They are open to any kind of business that earns but they mainly stick on repairing vehicles, drugs, human trafficking and money laundering.



alt text



Located in El Corona, Los Santos. This is the place where LS gathers around for club meetings, drink together and enjoy themselves. The place is strictly restricted and only the Devils are welcome.. unless it's business. They are open to any kind of business that earns but they mainly stick on selling lowriders, transport goods and drugs.



alt text



Located in Hilltop Farm, Red County. This is the place where we stash all our illegal products we have (drugs, weapons, etc) as it's far from the people.. With those products we deal with other organisations.. and of course making a profit.



alt text

Located in Palomino Creek, Red County. The club house is an external house that the Devils use for local business, meet up with other organisations, have conversations with hangarounds about their future and use it as a hide out.



alt text



Located in Palomino Creek, Red County. The liquor store of the Devils. The drinks we sell are imported from different countries and it has many different brands. All of the products are made of high quality. We are making a good amount of money every day from the store. Some say that the liquor store is not the only facility in this building..



alt text

alt text



Alliance since : 01-12-2014



In the contract, Enternia must roleplay with Red Devils Motorcycle Club and vice-versa when needed.



Enternia offers :



  • Guns and funds to make Red Devils more powerful.
  • Different kinds of goods useful for the work.
  • Protection in case of attack.
  • Support for further business.




Red Devils have to pay back with :



  • Help in Enternia's dangerous missions.
  • Help in different kinds of business and support.




alt text



Alliance since : 07-01-2016



In the contract, Hell Soldiers must roleplay with Red Devils Motorcycle Club and vice-versa when needed.



Alliance Rules :

  • Treat our Allies as same as you treat RDMC members.
  • Never arrest Allies.
  • Always work with them as a team, and try to help them as much you can.
  • Once you find an ally breaking a rule, don't report him to an admin. Report it to his HQ Team or Leaders.
  • Do not turf your Allies without asking for permission to do so.




alt text



Alliance since : 06-02-2016



In the contract, Black~Bullets must roleplay with Red Devils Motorcycle Club and vice-versa when needed.



Alliance Rules :

  • Treat our Allies as same as you treat RDMC members.
  • Never arrest Allies.
  • Always work with them as a team, and try to help them as much you can.
  • Once you find an ally breaking a rule, don't report him to an admin. Report it to his HQ Team or Leaders.
  • Do not turf your Allies without asking for permission to do so.



alt text



alt text



Contract since : 15-01-2016



alt text



Contract since : 27-04-2016



In the contract, Atlantic Transport & Logistics must roleplay with Red Devils Motorcycle Club and vice-versa when needed.



Atlantic Transport & Logistics offers :

  • We will offer you discounts on all delivery purchases made. This applies for Organization related purchases, no discount will be applied for member-usage deliveries.
  • We will offer your delivery priority over any other Organization or person, even if they ordered a delivery before you. Your order will go directly to the front of the queue.
  • We will offer you any form of transportation we currently provide, plus all future expansions (IE van/truck/armored van/car currently & future boat, plane etc).


Red Devils have to pay back with:

  • We will offer discounts on all repair, modification and recovery services. This applies only to organisation related purchases. No discount will be applied for own member usage.
  • Discount on vehicle parts.
  • We will offer any kind of assistance your company is in need of.
  • We will offer you hectoring around those who don't pay their bills to your company.
  • We will offer prostitutes a discount when your company is in need of them.
  • Your company is always welcome to visit our clubhouse.
  • We will offer you weaponry discounts.


alt text



alt text



Recruitment Status :

  • Nomad : CLOSED]
  • Los Santos Charter : CLOSED
  • Bone County Charter : CLOSED


Red Devils Motorcycle Club searching for motivated, skilled and positive players who can show their abilities to their possible max level. Although, the main goal is not to be the best player on the server. Being mature and having good behavior leads to having a good time playing SAES. Also, showing teamwork and being communicative helps the club reaching overall success and perfection. Spending time, work and effort in your and the club's image are always spotted and of course, rewarded. By doing this application, we should believe that you are ready to accept your ideal biker role. In order to prove this, you must show that you are enjoying being a biker, just like we do. If you are looking at us as a club where you can make a lot of trouble, we suggest you leave this topic. Trying to join us only to get something for yourself like money or fame, proves that you don't have intentions for being helpful towards members, the club and most importantly in the SAES community.



Do you want to become part of the Red Devils Motorcycle Club? Are you a biker, in love with motorcycles? Then feel free to catch up at our clubhouse. In order to join a charter, you need to follow the recruitment progress and spend time with us to get known within the club. Before you are going to apply, be aware that we are looking for loyal brothers and that you can decide for what charter you are applying.



You must have the requirements below. Please try to put some work in your application, answer every single question and don't leave anything blank.



Requirements :

  • Be at least 14 years old to join.
  • Be a team player.
  • Be loyal and trustworthy.
  • Needs to have a certain level of knowledge of our roleplay.
  • Have a good knowledge of English.
  • Be experienced enough.
  • Follow the server rules at all costs.
  • You are required to spawn as a biker if you want to hang around the Red Devils to increase your chances of joining.



Based on your application and efforts in-game, we will give you the answer that we believe is rightful to the efforts you put in joining the Red Devils.



Our possible given results could be :



  • Accepted - Great application with good efforts, also took part in the club activities. You've proven to us that you are mature and loyal enough to be a part of the club. We will contact you in-game and you will be invited to the club. You will start off as a prospect. Being a prospect is about showing yourself to the rest of the club and showing that you are able to do what you are asked to do.
  • Pending- Your application was good enough and you took part in the club activities. This means we are not sure whether you would fit in our club. We want you to hang around with us to get to know you better and to be able to judge you. After this period of time, you will either be accepted or be denied.
  • Under Consideration - We are not sure about your application result yet. In the meantime, you need to hang with us and we will decide about the result.
  • Denied- This means that you haven't shown enough effort in-game or in your application. Therefore we don't think you fit the club at the moment. If you are still interested in joining us you should hang around with us and re-apply after two weeks.
  • Blacklisted - We believe you will never fit into our club.

Please, do not bother us with PMs in-game or in the forums. If you do so, your chances of being accepted are reduced. Patience can be more rewarding. If your application is not been answered in a period of 10 days, you may accept it as a denied.



alt text



Important note : Make sure you have filled in every answer to the questions in the application and that the answers are NOT in bold or weird colors. While filling in the application, only the truth should be said. Copying from other applications will result in a denial. Giving false answers or lying will sooner or later be found and the consequences will be bad for you.



alt text

In-game name & Age :
Account name :
Nationality & Timezone :
Gender :
Language skills? :
Tell us about yourself in 2 paragraphs :


alt text

Which charter are you applying for? :
How long have you been playing on SAES? :
Previous organisation(s) and leaving cause(s) :
Playtime :
Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server? ( If so, details please ) :
Previous (legitimate) bans? ( If so, details please ) :
Are you part of any groups, if so which? :
Character roleplay backstory ( If you don't have one, make one. At least 1 paragraph ) :


alt text

Define Red Devils Motorcycle Club :
Why should we invite you to Red Devils Motorcycle Club & how could you benefit us? :
Do you have any unique abilities that you can bring to the club? :
Did anyone recommend you to apply or do you have any friends inside the club? :
Any additional information we may need to know? :



alt text

I will obey SAES & RDMC rules :
I will always treat RDMC and alliance members with respect :



alt text


 **2013 - 2024 XgangsterX - All rights reserved**


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