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Axel Want to be LWS


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First, go to this link "https://saesrpg.uk/category/180/lws-events" and read through the pinned topics. This is important to understand what this is all about. If you understand everything, then you create a topic, for example "Axel's Events" and you post all your events. Small tip on the side, it is not important how many events you host, it is important how good your events are ( "quality over quantity" ). If the recruiment is open, you can apply with your topic, for example here "https://saesrpg.uk/topic/23235/lightning-world-sports-christmas-recruitment-2020/37". I would also recommend you to join the Lightning World Sports Discord to know when the LWS recruiment is open or closed. It is not easy but with hard work and fun you can get there.
Best you ask an admin / staff to delete this post because it has no place here.

With best regards Hessan

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