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Monthly Giveaways - March Results!


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Hey all,

As discussed in this topic back in January we would be starting monthly giveaways to both Nitro Boosters over on our discord and also one random lucky player of the month.

The way this was run is that every player was given 1 entry to the raffle for every 1 second they played, with players with less than 48 hours played disqualified.

The winner of the large BC Base, was @voli who played a total of 186 hours last month, and came within the top 75 players on the server.

Congratulations! There will be another giveaway for people based on playtime during March.

To be entered just ensure you spend at least 48 hours logged into SAES, and then every second extra gives you 1 more entry. More time online = better chance to win.

In our Nitro Booster giveaway, the lucky winner chosen at random by the discord bot was @Orten1 who is now the proud owner of the Russian Mansion in LS.

There will be another Nitro Booster giveaway this month, if not two! To enter head over to our Discord and boost the server. Then enter the giveaways in the #boosters-giveaway channel.

Most people with Discord Nitro already have TWO boosts they can use and do not realise this. Even if you boost another server, you may have one spare so it's worth checking!

You can stop reading here if you only care about free shit.

Just because we went through the hassle of pulling the stats for playtime for EVERYONE I thought people might be interested in some random figures.

In January we had over 3300 unique players on the server.

Out of these players they spent a collective 220,395,792 seconds on the server - or around 61,221 hours!

For the SECOND month in a row the most active player last month was @Dor with a playtime of 1,913,119 seconds - or about 531 hours!

If you're interested in the top 10 active players last month, look no further than here.

Hopefully those figures were of some interest to you.

Best of luck in the March giveaway!

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