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[CHANGE] Few suggestions for nanoshop.[SOLVED]



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Here's a few of my suggestions for Nanoshop;

1- Ability to change the time of day

  • Sometimes when it hits dawn, the lighting makes it hard to see your vehicle when you're working on it.

2- Ability to move more than one part at a time

  • It gets pretty annoying when you have to move every part up and down when you're lifting a chassis up with the doors and what not.

3- Ability to stretch parts

  • Nothing more annoying when you add a component and it doesn't fit, stretching would help alot.

4- Glowing parts

  • It's frustrating when you have multiple parts that are the same and you edit the value of one that is already placed. With an outline or glowing of the part you are using, this would fix the problem entirely.

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