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Zero's LWS Events


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~[Welcome to Zero's LWS Events , Here you can find all of my events for LWS]~

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Well, Hello im Ibraheem Kareem im 16 Years old from Palestine I m studying in real life , I play video games too much, too.
I've spent a lot of time playing MTA , Suddenly I stopped playing for a year then I came back and found SAES Server and i invited my cousins & Brothers to the server to play together in half of 2020 Year im a @CripZ Member too , Also im a part of following groups : TMH | LSD | FC And im here to be part of LWS group , Hope you like me and my topic .

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~[Total Number of hosted events : 63]~(yellow)

~[Total Money Spent : +154.500.000]~(yellow)

~[And there's more spented money it'll be down below
~[Type of Events ]~(lime)



1vs1 Sniper

Hunter Shooter

Death Race

Runners vs cars



Arrest Zero at jeff motel


Hit the mole


The mirror

Musical Chairs


Kill Zero @MC Top


Hit the mole

Chicken Nader


Lucky Jump

Arrest Zero @Jeff motel


Hide n' Seek (Hunter)

Avoid the shamals


Attackers vs Deffenders

Predator all vs all

Boxing all vs all

StarWars Last JEDI

Attackers vs Deffenders

1 vs 1 (all weps)

Hide & Seek

Box 1vs1

And there's more events i'll post down below

alt text

alt text
i'll use the following format for the events :

![alt text](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/787621899962155069/818915007345328148/Untitled-2.png)
Event Number :
Event Name :
LWS Helper(s) :
Winner(s) :
Prize :
Screenshots :

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