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Navy Malistrip - Level 5 Application


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^[ January 10th, 2020.]

Abdul Rasaq, the captain of the Navy Malistrip, a group of notorious pirates around the coast of Somalia, has decided to call for a meeting. As everyone arrived, Abdul prepared his speech. He told them about the fact that there are not many people who had the balls to sail through their territory, which meant there was nothing to earn. So he told them about this rich state called San Andreas, which was known for its richdom lately.

San Andreas was the perfect state to start over and become more than just pirates. Abdul Rasaq told them about his master plan. The plan was very simple, they would settle at the coast of Whetstone and start their plans from there. Most of his crew found the idea of leaving their home territory ridiculous, but still decided to follow their captain as a sign of loyalty.

^[January 20th, 2020.]

To get to San Andreas, they needed documents, therefore Abdul Rasaq contacted one of his lifetime friends who was specialized in this sort of thing. He eventually decided to help them, but unfortunately, everything had its pricetag. For 50 false documents, he charged them $25.000 which was almost everything they had. With loads of the drug qat, weapons, 30 woman and 20 men he took off to San Andreas.

^[ February 14th, 2020.]

They finally arrived, set out their camp and immediately set their plans in motion. Before leaving, Abdul Rasaqs friend who made them the documents made sure there was a bus waiting for them at the coast to travel further. The woman stepped in the bus with clear instructions, pretend to be prostitutes, rip off the men and deliver the cash every month.

Together with the men left, he decided what their next plans would be...

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^[~[The rougher the waves, the smoother we sail. ~ Navy Malistrip]~(678b78)]

A group of pirates from Somalia have decided to discover what's beyond their horizon. They decided to try their luck in San Andreas which is known for its richdom.

We set our camp at the coast of whetstone where our adventure begins.

Human Trafficking, Smuggling old school weapons as well as drugs. We are known for our drug Qat from East Africa which will bring a new wave into San Andreas with us as the only suppliers!

What is the other known information on the strip?

Date of creation: 14th of February 2020
Founders: Bazuka, Lincoln, Siper
Strip level: 4
Strip value : $ 2,000,000,000
Strip tag: NavM
Color code: #678b78

What rules do they follow do they have a rulebook?

Indeed Navy Malistrip have a rulebook which can be seen bellow, pirates that break the rules written will get strictly punished.

^[ alt text]

^[ alt text]

Why? Great question. Navy Malistrip has established several activities they will do around the coast of San Andreas to simply become the most dominant gang in the state.

The aim is starting from a boat to simply be an entryway for every source of trade. To reach what we aim for we are doing several things that can be found better explained in the image below.

^[alt text]

^[ alt text]

alt text

alt text



^[~[~First Mate~]~(678B78)]


^[~[~Quarter Master~]~(678B78)]





^[~[~Sail Master~]~(678B78)]












































^[~[~Boat Swain~]~(678B78)]






































^[Draxler ]







^[ alt text]

^[Navy Headquarters]


^[Navy Docks]

^[ alt text]

^[Navy SF Warehouse]

^[alt text]

^[Navy Bayside Warehouse + Navy Shipyard]

^[alt text]

^[Navy Pumping Stations]

^[alt text]

^[ alt text]

So you are asking us "how'' you can join the strip?

We have a recruitment process which may lead you up to be a boatswain.
First off write an application below so we can know general information of you.
After that, the real test starts you have to show your behavior and your level of loyalty and experience to us in the game. Once decided we will give your application an answer those can be.


If you are accepted it means that your application, and ingame efforts have been shown enough to be able to join the strip.


Being pending means that you have to show that you are worth the last dots on the 'i'. Proof yourself worthy of the last steps and prepare yourself for the possible incoming test.

Under review

We are not ready yet to answer your application. This can be because we haven't seen enough yet or your application was posted a bit too early to observe. Don't give us bad thoughts in this process and do your best!


You have failed to join. This can be due to a lacky application, bad ingame effort, Unconsiderable attitude etc. Suit yourself up and don't give up show us why you are a real pirate.

To apply for us fill in the following format.

What is your nickname?
What is your username?
What is your age?
Where are you from?
Were you ever banned or punished by an admin, if you got punished what was the reason?
What organizations have you been in,why are you no longer part of them?

What is Navy Malistrip and what do we do?
Why do you want to join?
Who are you? Introduce yourself yourself with a minimum of 30 words

Don't reply this topic, it's our level application. If you are interested in joining us you can apply at our main topic -> https://saesrpg.uk/topic/15340/navy-malistrip/1

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  • Must have 40 active members (including the leader and vice leader). :white_check_mark:

  • Must do at least 21 roleplays posted in your media archive, suited to your background story and roleplay written in your topic. :white_check_mark:

  • Must host at least 50 events posted in your media archive. :white_check_mark:

  • Must reach a combined total of at least 50 bank robberies, gang robberies, or turf wars activity posted in your media archive. :white_check_mark:

  • Must keep reports against members to the very minimum. :white_check_mark:

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