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Hell Raisers MC - Level 2 Application


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^[This is not our official topic, this is our level 2 application therefore you're not allowed to post anything here if you're not a Hell Raisers MC HQ or a SAES Clan member.]

~[Official Topic]~(maroon)
~[Media Archive]~(maroon)

^[alt text]

^[The entrance to hell is only a step away.]

^[alt text]
^[It was a rainy day.. Franklin was driving his freeway home as fast as possible.. he was all cold, wet, hardly breathing.. the wind in his face didn't help him out too much neither. But where was he? You ask. He was all covered in blood, because he just murdered a whole gang, along with his best mate Michael. The reason they murdered the gang was because they murdered Michael's father 13 years ago. Michael's father was one of the most wanted bikers in the whole wide world. If you killed him and delivered him to the cops you would earn so much money you'd never have to work again, that's how much wanted he was. As Franklin and Michael were returning home they saw a homeless man walking in the wind, they wanted to help him out, and so they did. They finally arrived home, they sat down covered in blankets with a cup of coffee. Franklin and Michael started asking the man questions, after a couple of minutes he told them he was a slave of the gang they killed, they realised he will be homeless because they killed the gang that feeded him and gave him a place to live even tho he was a slave. Franklin and Michael decided that he could stay at their house for a while, and they also needed a new gang member, so it was a perfect opportunity. They showed him how to drive the freeway, how to properly shoot a gun and all these things. The man was so thankful he stayed in the gang even after he had the money to leave.]
^[alt text]
^[Hell Raisers Motorcycle Club has plenty of roles, one and most important role is that they're bikers, they organise roadtrips around San Andreas.]

^[Arms Dealing: Hell Raisers MC sell one of the best quality of weapons around San Andreas, they have their undercover shop where they make the weapons and also sell them.]

^[Mechanics: Hell Raisers MC are beside all of the other roles Mechanics too, they can fix everything, they are familiar with every part of a motorbike, they're not too good with cars tho, but not too bad afterall.]

^[Human Trafficking: Hell Raisers MC usually don't get enough money by just being mechanics and having an undercover arms dealing shop, they also have a garage where they keep their slaves and also sell them.]
^[alt text]

^[-Since we are bikers you are not allowed to drive sports cars, so mainly stick to driving only bikes and muscle cars, that is the main rule.]

^[-Don't be a dickhead]

^[-Respect the server rules.]

^[-Respect your mentor and other members as a prospect, because you are on probation, you are not an official member of the gang yet.]

^[-We are not choosing sides inside of the gang, be a fucking intelligent human being, know the facts, know what is right and what is wrong, don't act unthinkable, take a chill pill before getting in a fight because it's never worth it.]

^[-Don't be a drama queen.]

^[alt text]
^[Club Panel: hellraisers_mc ]

^[Club Founder: @Franklin @Woytex ]

^[Club President: @Woytex ]

^[Club Vice President: @Franklin ]

^[Club Head Quarters: @Woytex @Franklin @tomaz96 @MrThomas @Zoom-In @Razak ]

^[Club Promotional Video: Click here]
^[Club Color: #33033f]

^[Club Motto: The entrance to hell is only a step away]

^[Club Foundation: 2nd of July 2017]

^[Club Creation: 17th of December 2020]

^[Club Level: -1-]
^[alt text]


^[President is the representative of the club, his main focus is analyzing potential alliances and enemies, his main job is to deal with connections outside the club. He is the one who holds the chapel and ends a meeting, he is the one who sits at the front of the table and chooses all the ranks below him.]

^[Vice President]

^[Vice President is in charge of outside business when the President is not around, he mainly focuses on the inside of the gang by delegating, also makes sure that the whole club is prospering.]

^[Sergeant at Arms]

^[The Sergeant at Arms is the one that makes sure all the members are following the club rules/laws. If a member breaks a rule he is the one that carries out the punishments and makes sure they're carried out via delegation, he is also reponsible for the security of prospects, his main job is to keep them safe. The club's security known as turfing is also his job, defense and attacking tactics are initiated by him, some could say he has the hardest job in the club.]


^[Secretary is the one that is responsible for planning meetings, leads the meetings and takes notes. He also writes reports on the meetings and pretty much knows everything what's happening in the club, he is also reponsible for posting all activities he is a part of on the media archive.]


^[Enforcer has a similiar job as Sergeant of Arms, he is the protector of the patched members of the club, he has the most experience and skill in combat, he is the one that is most skilled in any type of weapon fights.]

^[Road Captain]

^[Road Captain is responsible for roadtrips, he is the one at the front of the row with the president, leads the roadtrip, chooses the formation, speed and stops.]


^[Treasurer has to make sure that the gang bank stays on a positive side, he is in charge of all the money-spending in the club and the properties. Knows all the details about properties.]


^[He is the advisor for every single member in the club, he knows everything that's happening in the club, if members don't know how to solve a problem they ask the Chaplain for advice and he always knows what is the right thing to do.]


^[Fully patched member that has the full trust of all other members, has an official vest, and has a voice and a vote as equal as all others in meetings.]


^[Prospect is the one who is trying to earn respect and join the gang, he is wanting to be trusted and get Fully Patched, he is someone who wants to have a vote and a voice, in this state he doesn't so he obeys.]

^[alt text]

^[ -- The President -- ]
^[ HRMC|Woytex|Prez ]

^[ -- Vice President -- ]
^[ HRMC|Franklin|Vice ]

^[ -- Sergeant at Arms -- ]
^[ HRMC|Tomaz|SAA ]

^[ -- Secretary -- ]
^[ HRMC|MrThomas|SEC ]

^[ -- Treasurer -- ]
^[ HRMC|Razak|T ]

^[ -- Enforcer -- ]
^[ N/A ]

^[ -- Road Captain -- ]
^[ N/A ]

^[ -- Chaplain -- ]
^[ HRMC|Zoom-In|CH ]

^[ -- Patched Member -- ]
^[ HRMC|Foch|M ]
^[ HRMC|Error|M ]
^[ HRMC|zeel|M ]
^[ HRMC|Darius|M ]
^[ HRMC|Gasper|M ]
^[ HRMC|Witti|M ]
^[ HRMC|XgangsterX|M ]
^[ HRMC|Togna|M ]

^[ -- Prospect -- ]
^[ HRMC|Mergim|P ]
^[ HRMC|Jubre|P ]
^[ HRMC|Zenny|P ]
^[ HRMC|Maneti|P ]
^[ HRMC|Raziel|P ]
^[ HRMC|Zap|P ]
^[ HRMC|Aurora|P ]
^[ HRMC|Islem|P ]
^[ HRMC|Ghost7|P ]
^[ HRMC|Silent|P ]
^[ HRMC|Rifle|P ]
^[ HRMC|Tudor|P ]
^[ HRMC|Pingosokec|P ]
^[ HRMC|AndreaS|P ]
^[ HRMC|Axmel|P ]


^[alt text]
^[~[Alliances:]~(green) N/A]

^[~[Contacts:]~(orange) N/A]

^[~[Enemies:]~(red) N/A]
^[alt text]
^[Hell Raisers MC Base]

^[alt text]

^[Hell Raisers MC Farm]

^[alt text]

^[Hell Raisers MC Ten Green Bottles Bar]

^[alt text]

^[Hell Raisers MC Liquor Store]

^[alt text]

^[Hell Raisers MC Hideout]

^[alt text]

^[Hell Raisers MC Mechanic Shop]

^[alt text]

^[Hell Raisers MC Undercover Warehouse]

^[alt text]

^[alt text]
^[alt text]
^[alt text]

^[If you wish to be a part of Hell Raisers Motorcycle club you must join our discord, where you can make an application to join us.]

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^[Tomorrow is the end of the GM month and we wanted to showcase what we've done over the past month, thank you everybody for supporting us on this journey, we're climbing the top no matter what!]

^[Down below is a graph displaying all the posts we've made during this GM month.]

^[alt text]

^[Down below in the spoiler are some of the greatest moments of this month, enjoy.]

alt text
alt text
alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text

~[The entrance to hell is only a step away.]~(584949)

-Vice President of Hell Raisers MC, Franklin.

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