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[FEATURE] Casino Project



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As you know, there are various activities between cops and robbers such as Bank Robbery, Store Robbery, VIP and Jail Break.

I want to show the entire community the project I have been working on for a while now, which is adding one more activity among these I counted above.

As you can see in the title, it's a new ''Casino'' design, different from the ones we have right now, and apart from the current regular Casinos, it will have an addition of a heist option.

The video speaks for itself, but to sum it up shortly, as seen in the video, criminals will be able to start a Casino Heist upon gathering up together, and we can have safes with bigger numbers than what we have right now. For example, safes could vary from 50m to 100m, I'd keep doors to max 10-20m so that it's not an overkill and criminals actually have a chance to get to safes. It could either be restricted to a specific gang like BRs right now, or we could bring in a new trend and allow all gangs to crack, which means gang HQs will have to operate together and send their best crackers to do their job, since what I imagined the safes to be is around 50m-100m, that would be suitable for all gangs to bring in their best crackers to the table. This could be something to unite all gangs in an activity so that they can stop fighting for BRs for a bit and focus on this new Casino Heist.

There is a vent from the safe room that allows safe exit out of Casino, and it can only be used one way (to get out from Casino), so it doesn't work for people to enter from outside. This offers more options to both sides, criminals could escape through Casino roof, door or by using the vent and tunnels, and cops could raid from the door entrance, roof entrance, the entrance whose doors open to cops only, or they could camp at the exit of vent tunnels.


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