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GangWars 2021 !


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Hello, everyone. As the National wars continue, now the gang wars begin!. We're all excited about the first gang war of 2021.

First, I want everyone to say hello to @Niklaus the new CEO of LoungeVC. LoungeVC will be entrusted to him. In addition, Hosting Services Chief @Blue, GangWars Project Manager @Griffin, Head of Bet services and CMO @Versace will work to serve you. If you want to know about our other staff, you can look at the LINK

alt text

10 teams( @Hell-Soldiers @Navy-Malistrip @Underground-Empire @Arms-Assassins @Organization-Zero @Medelln-Cartel @Niggaz-wit-Attitudes @JUMBO-Klan @Black-Bullets @Los-Lunas
will fight to be champions.How the rules are determined, Make no doubt it will be a very good fight!

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There will be a single-elimination system. let me explain how teams match. We implemented the Champions League system. There are bags, and teams are placed in these bags according to certain rules.
Placement Criteria :

1. Bag
HS: Last GangWars winner
NavM: Most win in Friendly matches

2. Bag
Level 5 gangs that have previously been in the Lounge Tournament.

Participating in GangWars for the first time and not Level 5

You can see how the fixture is at the LINK

alt text

Traditionally, we kept our price at the top as usual. The winning team will get $100,000,000 of cash directly to its bank account.

The money will be sent a week after the Final Event hosted. The reason for it is that it takes time for our Finance division to calculate the income statements and weekly reports after each event occurs. We have to set up the shareholder's income, winner's prizes and so on.

Moreover, this prize is collected from the process of bet services. Thus, without you dear people it would be impossible for us to host such an event. Thanks for being with us in all of our projects!

alt text

Until the Final day the map will be our super awesome dust2. It will be fully closed by our Host Services and Monitored by the Lounge Executives. And here are the weapons that are allowed during the match day:

Teams will receive an advantage every round. Advantage means a certain team can camp or hide for 5 minutes and the other team has to eliminate them. Every next round the advantage and start positions are changed. In order to check the rules and match process please click on this LINK

^[Here is the list of weapons that are allowed in the arena:]
^[alt text]

alt text

We are honored to say that @Ardron and LoungeTV will be partnering to bring you the best possible live coverage of the matches. We will have at least 2 commentators every match and all of them will be streamed through Ardron's channel on Twitch. In case of any setbacks, our LoungeTV leader @zaza will always help us

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It doesn't take that much time to calculate "income statements and weekly reports after each event" if you make good use of excel. I'm sure theres an expert around willing to help you guys out setting up a good sheet. I'm sure it'd also make things easier for ya'll.

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