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[LWS-STAFF] Rowdy's LWS Events.


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^[Hello everyone welcome to the topic I'll share my events here. ]

alt text

^[Information About Me ]

Hello Everyone My Name Is Hasan I've been playing in SAES for a long time I'm someone who likes to play games let me introduce you to my own SAES career. My first gang The Omerta I stayed at there for a long time and gang closed. After that I joined the Black Syndicate and there were a few problems between us and I got out of the BS. Since most of my friends were in the Outfit I joined the Outfit and stayed at there for a long time. I wanted to create a gang and I left the Outfit, I was inactive for a while and when I came I joined The Strike Team I stood there for a long time I didn't want to be a cop anymore and I joined the Arms Assassins. I have been a member of the Arms Assassins gang for a long time and I want to join the LWS to add something to myself.

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^[alt text]

^[Event Number:]

^[Event type:]





alt text

^[Total Number of events: 55]

^[Money used: 58.500.000$]

alt text

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