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The crippling lack of transparency saes has.


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Hello dear community, just a friendly reminder of how much the SAES server is shoveling in and yet still lacks much-needed transparency as to where all this money goes.

Since the December update, a whopping 2399.5 has been donated and an influx of 2.3 billion SAES cash has entered the game ruining the economy even further, good deed @Brophy. Not like it matters though the economy is already messed up so why not monopolize it while you can but thats not what this topic is about.

Whenever youre donating, its only a small % that goes toward the server.

Where is all the money going and what is it going toward? Why not do the community a favor and show what they're donating toward?

How much does it cost to run SAES? I think everyone would like to know. I mean if SAES is a place where you funnel money to your family from then that's fine but at least be transparent about it in the donation category yeh? Saying that it goes toward the server is just straight BS at this point and pretty laughable tbh.
alt text

SAES' donation amount is pretty stable per month and pays for the server running it by a long shot (even without the christmas bonus boosting donations) but your great little Ponzi scheme has sure increased the profits a lot since December. Not saying thats bad but just further emphasizes my point of the much lacking transparency.


So, let's be honest here, where does the money go? Toward the server or something else. If it is the latter then please state that in the donation category, it's not the first. You're straight-up lying to people's faces by telling them it's going toward the server because it's really not. I think it'd do you some good to come clean about it and state some numbers and not let your keyboard warriors defend you with imaginary numbers that are straight out of fairyland.

Ps, a good start would be adding a donation meter telling how much is left of x amount to keep the server running for the month. Alternatively make a new place where you can see income/outcome. But now now, don't do this only and ignore what I said in the previous paragraphs I'd like for you to respond to it all. Also I'd suggest you edit your topic and tell people its not all going toward the server.

Thanks for reading.

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I know Brophy paid a long time for the servers himself, so these donations are a bit of a compensation.

You know everything will go to SAES to keep the server running. I think it's more expensive than you think.

And you can completely decide yourself to donate, no one forces you.

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@johnny1993 all the money is going in the host , without those money i don't think SAES will be alive so , also peoples donate not brophy so you blamming the wrong person i guess , also everyone are free how they spent their money

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We spend it on your mother.

But no, you have to remember donations are inconsistent. Just because we received an influx in donations over Xmas, who says we're going to get any in 6 months? These donations keep the server up for many months to come.

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