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[FEATURE] Daily Login Reward



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Hello everyone!

I have just been thinking about it and thought it might be a small but great addition to the server.- A daily login reward system ingame. Whether it'd be a 7 day one or 31 day one, that's to discuss but the rewards would be rather small, not economy breaking and maybe fun?

It could consist of one rocket launcher shot as a reward for logging in constantly for 31 days for example, or of a jetpack or something else. Next 10 /ads free! Or ammunition for various weapons!

I'm not sure if it's welcomed so I'll just throw in a poll and let you guys vote on whether you think it'd be cool or not so cool to have!

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I mean rpg sounds fun and all but there will be no way you could use it against someone that won't report you unless its your friend

The jetpack could also be okay to add but do you
instantly equip it if you logged in and spawned or do you have a command for it to toggle or disable it if you have a jetpack . If there is some kind of command for it you could easily avoid arrest with it. " if it ever happens"

The 10 free /ads is not such a needed reward of a daily login reward. since a advertisement doesn't cost that much already and is not really even helpful to advertise your properties , car etc. since it disappears in less than 5 seconds or less.

But here and there i know if it gets added there might be some changes to it

But i do like the idea of this suggestion so +1

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