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MarksMan's Application for Community Staff


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Your ingame username: frickovviktor
Your ingame alias: MarksMan
Your year of birth: 1998
Your gender: male

Nationality: macedonian
Country of residence: Germany

How long you have been playing SAES: almost 11 years, since 2010 first forum account created 2011
Qualities you can offer: Well, like everyone else. I'm an active guy, old experienced guy, always helpful doesn't matter if there is recruitment going on or not. Those guys who know me, know that I'm always helpful. As HQ of few groups and Founder/VL of level 4 gang, I can take responsibility of any task. I'm really friendly guy and respectful.
Your weaknesses: Injustice, I hate to be treated like idiot like I did something but I didn't. I hate to be disrespected without any reason.

Do you have Discord Installed: Yes, I have, on a Phone too

Reason for application: As always, trying to achieve something that's impossible. I know, it's useless to apply after ban but a try is worth. The main reason is because I'm old player on SAES and like everyone else want to get the CS spot to help those who really need help and you can't help without panel.

Server Memberships:

  • Cunning Stunts - HQ, ex Leader

  • ZIP - HQ

  • GXT - HQ

  • CC - Impounder/Mecanico

  • Medellin Cartel (Gang) - one of 3 Founders and VL

Additional information: to add about the ban, I know it was really dumb and applying after this ban is really retard. I know the answer from Nanobob already.

Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: I have 1 Adminjail January 2019 for revenge DM (Groove told me)
Previous (legitimate) bans:

  • old ban, asking for CLO banned by Bone/Rennie but it was 2011/12

  • banned because of my brother, he made copy-cat server and we played on same PC

  • Calling people for bug abuse November 2019, 1.5 month. Now unbanned and happy.

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