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Alexi's Application for SAHA


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Your ingame username: Alexis
Your ingame alias: alexishellas
Your year of birth: I am born at 12/10/1996
Your gender: Male

Nationality: Greek
Country of residence: Greece

How long you have been playing SAES: I started playing on SAES at the end of 2011, did sometime to get on forums as most of players did, of course being part of a game for almost 10 years now had some serious inactivity periods, real life happens and boredom also happens
Qualities you can offer: Well, I can offer the classic ones , which are activity, maturity. I am not really that good on knowing that well myself.
Your weaknesses: I pretty much speak sometimes without thinking, and might offend people. I do it with the intention of having fun ,but It's my fault since not all people in the same mood . ( I don't DM or something like that) I am trying to stop doing this, by talking less to be honest

Do you have Discord Installed: Yes I do and it's pretty much always open in my pc,since I check it

Reason for application: So , as it's normal I do apply for this Role so I can help the server out with each way I can, I know there will be questions like (how come you didn't apply for Community staff if you wanted to help out?) The answer to that is simple , which is also the same reason I am applying for SAHA , there are in the server many people skilled that can help out with filling the role as Community staff, also helping players out is something I can do without being part of SAES, by explaining some basics in newbies, trying to explain a rule in case of a rulebreak, which is something I already do . I do see some empty spaces in SAHA though, since I do see people asking for their interiors to be added , people requesting inactive props and all that kind of stuff,which bores most of the people,but as a helper I want to manage, and that is the gap I think I can fill without failing. I do not seek to be known within the server , since I do keep a low profile except from the times I am having too much fun

Server Memberships: I am currently in Organization Zero , and a member of RadioSA , RaceTech. And wannabe in some other groups.

Additional information: As I have stated above , my only purpose on applying is to help out, as one of the old members around here I think I am fitted to do this, and to be honest it's not all I am trying so I can help, I started watching some tutorials about lua to see If I can manage to reach the level of the server scripts so I can help with new ones . I do study computer science which kinda interests me as an idea, even though I do study this I dont have any experience with those kind of codes, since at uni they focus on really differents ones , and having so many diff courses doesnt give me the time to focus to the ones I want. I would be happy to give any other information needed if I pass the application section

Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: I do have some mutes in my saes carreer , as far as I can remember I never got an aj or anything else. Reason of mutes was mostly because of xchats while speaking native language. Edit ( I got an adminjail same day I did this application it was clearly my fault that aj, defended in lobby in country bank, wasnt really focused at that time and did a wrong judgement. Anyway I don't like hidding things that's the reason I edited

Previous (legitimate) bans: I don't have any bans in my career

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