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[Suggestions] for make server more fun



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i was thinking in few ideas for server for make all have fun for cops side and CRIM side maybe dev team of saesrpg take any good idea and work in it even make it better or build something like it for make all not feel boring.

1: make squad cops can turf vs Gang
I see old suggest that, but I came with a good one too

As our server RP when cops see criminals control place they try hard to arrest them and clear it and make it safe for all people.

So we can make squad cops come in turf put war on that mean we can hs cops too, and they can do same meaning cops will try to learn hard sniper and all guns to be match vs gangs more fun for all
Try arrest gang members + delete color of turf from any gang control by decrease % it and make turf zone 0% with no color.

But hard issue when gang member arrested he goes in jail (kings home ) 320 second, so I suggest we make new script when cops arrest any gang member or helper in turf be arrested like 60 second to make it Balance little even we can add new jail for it but not necessary.

2: SR
I see boring Sr every day even cops feel the same, so I was seen old Sr we can make both of them in few cities even change SR shape
like in sf rich city we can add more things in Sr
LS poor city we can add more things in Sr will be like that in every city

3: SR group

we make a new group main RP will be arrest all criminals in any store robbery active

This group will be allowed to all
because it's allowed to any gang member spawn as cop and arrest anyone in store robbery so will be more fun for all.

4: Increase the number of banks

ALL knows Gangs rise day by day, and we got 2 new official gangs with old ones in our family and soon more will be added.

And all want to do Bank robbery and only 6 Banks to rope it.

Few place like whetstone, Blueberry, Bayside and more we can add more banks in that places To give everyone a chance to do it.
OR reduce time banks reset from 6 h to 4 or 2 h.

5 : Choose your favorite car
from a disc and put it is the first choice cause all suffering to select his favorite cars and put it as first one and my fav second car like that.

6 :ammo from Car bag
just like you can change skins from vehicle trunks It be nice if you guys can add weapon storage to vehicle trunks as well, so criminals or any roles can have the choice to select the weapons they want from their trunks of their cars without having to drive to a disk.

7: put new script about afk players
as all notice some times few cops act like afk while they're waiting to hunt you with arrest or report not all do it but few
so for avoiding this unfair problem we can make script for be afk not take any dmg after he spent near 15 mint or 30 mint not move or make him timed out.

8 few rules must be clear and put all in f1

Like def outside PBR or use planes and heli for go climb roof in war turf or spawn as cop and go pbr when you gang member.
Cause really I must ask admins about it and every one have his opinion about it, so we must but 1 rule for all respect it and be clear for all

9: few silly bugs must fix like pilot in plane can't see how many in shamal or bug can't jump while I just respawn or|
for cops can't arrest or for us can't do any DMG with fist or bomb
and all time must write gun fix
10 a lot of admins retired have houses probs and not even enter game from years so why we not make it all go to SAHA AND OPEN OT FOR ALL AS ACTIVITY OR bidding .

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@law said in [Suggestions] for make server more fun:

6 :ammo from Car bag
just like you can change skins from vehicle trunks It be nice if you guys can add weapon storage to vehicle trunks as well, so criminals or any roles can have the choice to select the weapons they want from their trunks of their cars without having to drive to a disk.

I dig this. It could bring many RP opportunities too, as for gun transportation.

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From all of what you've suggested, I only agree with the 5th and 6th suggestion. I have a shit ton of cars and yes, sometimes it is a pain in the ass to find, park, fix and spawn your most-used vehicle, so it'd be a good implementation as well as making players able to take ammo from the vehicle.

I imagine it like that: You spawn your vehicle, take some ammo from your disk and store it inside the vehicle so there would be two separate storages, you'll have to refill your vehicle storage when it empties tho.

About the rest:

1: There's really no need in allowing cops to "participate" in the turfs, we can kill you without headshots or just simply arrest. Lowering your jail time just because you're in a turf does not really make sense, it's an activity equal to bankrobs, store robberies, etc. Why would you get less time in jail for turfing?

2: There are a dozen of stores around San Andreas which are triggered automatically, creating more of them does not really change anything or make them more "entertaining", a store robbery is pretty boring itself but there's not much you can do about it.

3: SR Group? What? I mean, you can just spawn as a cop and arrest..?

4: There is a bank in each county already, the server is running for years and I haven't seen anyone complain about the amount of banks, they're enough for a good gameplay.

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Regarding improving SR, i would suggest to add some complexity to it. Like BRs require you to crack the safes by the number minigame.
For example. SR starts: yellow circle appears in the store. Somebody has to crack the 0-100 number code to start the progress bar and then after 100% need to crack 1 more 0-100 number minigame. The cracking can be done simultaneously so that multiple people can try to crack at the same time. This way cops wont have to try to get to roof and crims will have to defend more. The outcomes will be that cops maybe win more, but then also increase SR pay. We could see and balance as time goes on.

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I'm archiving it without much of a response because honestly most of the things you suggested are no longer relevant, or have already been suggested and rejected, or have since been implemented. Storing ammo in your car and choosing your 'favourite' car are actually not bad, but this topic is too much of a mess to have any real discussion or for a dev to follow along.

I suggest breaking down suggestions into individual topics with polls.

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