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Tuga Thugs anniversary!


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Trouble in tha place? Tuga's in ya face!

As the calendar turns to the 5th of January 2021, Tuga Thugs will be officially 3286 days old or in other words 9 years old as an official gang in SAES.

This anniversary celebrates and marks the 9 years of this generation of Tuga Thugs being alive and it all comes down to the creation of the gang back in 2012 by the two founders who are @TbdS and @JP4. A special and a huge thank you to them since without them and their idea of creating the gang, we wouldn't even be an idea in the server, more even an official organization.

Many of the most known players of this server started to play here and they are already at the top with their own gangs and a great reputation, we've always been a family and whoever joined us along this years knows what I'm talking about, it's something unique and special!

Also I would like to thank all the people who have been part of us and even more bigger thanks to the people who are still with us, since without every single one of them we would be nothing as we are today.

For the occasion, we will be hosting a giveaway of a steam giftcard with a value of 25 euros. In order to participate, you need to join our discord (https://discord.gg/RdQR53REFT) and react to the donation bot in #giveaway channel on the discord.

Oh, and last but not least.. a small video with bunch of fun clips through different games:




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