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Grove Street Family Level 1 Application


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~[Note: Do not post anything here!!]~(red)
^[alt text]
^[alt text]
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Once a time began where a little kid was born in Los Santos and he lives a really happy life with his family and he had no idea what terrible times will come. All fine until a revolution began


The revolution is still on and the president is killing all the people who are staying against his volition. He dont care about no one only his post as a president .

The people still yelling, they are not afraid from the sound of bullets who killing everyone. Suddenly something terrible has happen.

The gangs advantage the weakness of the whole country. The weakness of the people and the weakness of the government .


Now all the gangs are controlling the streets and the hole country, they are killing all without any compassion.

In 2/10/1992

A gang in Los Santos came to a street where the little kid was living with his family. They start to set his house on fire and killed all the family members. His mother, father, sister, and brother, except him. He was hiding somewhere in the crypt, usually it is his favorite place, there he can think comfortably.


8 years are passed and the hobo teenager is living in the desert of bone country. He steal to eat and he makes it all in any place just like animals to stay alive.

In 25/5/2000

When the hobo was sleeping, the military cached him to do his military duty the teen woke up deadly screaming He didnt know what was happening or what he is doing at this place or where they are taking him to.

He was asking many times many questions. Still no answer for him


The teen still work as a military member and he will finish it soon... Now the teen has probably the hitman level in shooting , escaping , driving , parachuting , also he has an amazing tactics .


The commander stoped in front of that teen and called him Derrick, also he donate him a badge with that nickname. From that date he is called Derrick .


Derrick finish his duty and he returned as a hobo. Derrick never forget that gang who killed his familiy and destroying his life.

After spending 19 years at Gathering people, Training Derrick has finally decided with his new fellas that it's time to revive the Grove Street Family and take the revenge that
he promised himself taking it when he was seeing his family dying.
alt text
Our role consists in arms trafficking, We deliver guns, bullets and armor vests of different types all around San Andreas. We look to be the cheapest in that domain because of the strong competition. We also rob banks and stores. We often burgle houses and jack cars as well. But one of the most efficient source of our money is kidnapping people for a ransom: We kidnap an important person and ask his family or his company to give us a ransom, we don't show mercy in case they call the PD or they refuse.
alt text

  • lRespect Server Rules and Gang Rules.

  • Protect members at all cost! You could be spawned as a truck driver or whatever,if you see a member getting chased,try to help them!.

  • Use your brains and have good sense.

  • Respect the others and dont be annoying / irritating.

  • Play for a main goal : having fun.

  • Don't Use GSF Tags When You Are Spawned As Cop.Always Make Your Name (Officer.Name) and you're not allowed to arrest us or our allies.

  • Follow The High ranked Members Rules.

  • If someone dm to you never use Main chat like ''DM ADMINS '' and Never Revenge DM.

  • Spamming of Motto / Our name will result in Warning.

  • Breaking any rule will result in punishment.

  • NEVER Fight with someone at mainchat Specially With admins.
    Never Leave Your Brother Behind,Remember You Are a Team,Defend Yourself and Your Brothers.

  • If you're assisting other gang in Turfwars , change your tags to [gangtag-H] to not results into DM.

  • Be Active As You Can.And If You Are Going Inactive.Just Tell Any HQ.
    alt text
    ^[Gang Tag : [GSF]Name]
    ^[Gang Panel : Grove~Street~Family]
    ^[Gang Cash : 50.200.000$]
    ^[Motto : We Fight For Our Destiny , We Never Leave Our Brothers Behind us , We're The Grove Street Family.*]
    ^[Gang Created : Since 31-12-2015]
    ^[Recreated : Since 17-12-2020]
    ^[Color Code : #013621]
    ^[Our Style : Savanna - Voodoo - Greenwood - Sentinel - Glendale]
    ^[Total members in the gang : 19]
    ^[Our Discord Link : https://discord.gg/P9wFvWBYDh]
    alt text


  • Los Santos : Grove Street Family Base
    alt textalt text
    alt text

  • Los Santos : Grove Street Family WareHouse
    alt text

  • Los Santos : Grove Travel Corpalt text

  • Los Santos : Ladyboy Abortion Centrealt text

  • Los Santos : 40 Main/street Shopalt text

  • Los Santos : South Los Santos Crap Shopalt text

  • Los Santos : We Watch While U Get Changed Shopalt text

  • Red Country : Pizza Shop Palomino Creekalt text

  • San Fierro : Big Smoke ordered A Pizza Herealt text

alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text
^[Our Media Archive : https://saesrpg.uk/topic/23481/grove-street-family-media-archive]
^[Total Roleplays : 15]
^[Total Events : 36]
^[Our Old Media Archive : https://archive.saesrpg.uk/community/topic/79637-grove-street-family-~-media-archive/]
^[Activities: Storerobs,Jailbreaks,Helping in Bankrobs and Trainings posted at media archive]
^[- Event activities]
^[- Role play activities]
alt text
^[Gang Alliances] :
^[Neutral] :
^[Gang Enemy] :
^[Contracts] :
alt text
^[Level 5]
Leader [ L ]
alt text
(The owner of the gang and the one who has the full order)
^[Level 4]
Vice leader [VL]
alt text
(The right hand of the leader the trusted member and one of the creater of the gang he is also leader of the gang)

^[Level 4]
Head Quarter [HQ]
alt text
(We can say he is the left hand of the leader he is also a trusted member and respected member in the gang)

^[Level 3]
Sub Head Quarter [sHQ]
alt text
(this rank is for members who have a complet control in the streets and complet control on all the Criminals)

^[Level 3]
Original Gangsta [OG]
alt text
(This rank is for Gangsta's who has proved his loyalty by working hard for the organization to make it succeed)

^[Level 2]
Pro GangSta [PG]
alt text
(This rank is for GangSta's that dont have any mercy they kill without feelings they are pro in every crim job)

^[Level 1]
GangSta [G]
alt text

(This rank is for professional members who learn to take the ability and the power to fight in the streets)

^[Level 0]
Member [M]
alt text
(This rank for New Members that have to show the gang what they have)
alt text
^[Grove Street Family HQ Team]
^[Leader: Derrick & Voli]

^[Vice Leader: Nicky]
HQ : N/A
^[Leader [ L ] | Level 5]
Derrick & Voli

^[Vice leader [VL] | Level 4]

^[Head Quarter [HQ] | Level 4]
^[Sub Head Quarter [sHQ] | Level 3]
^[Original GangSta [OG] | Level 3]
^[Pro GangSta [PG] | Level 2]
^[GangSta [G] | Level 1]

^[Member [M] | Level 0]
:spain: Rubialbort
:uzbekistan: Khal1kulov

^[Honorary members [VIP]]
Total Members: 19

Inactive Members: 0


alt text
Recruitment Status : ~[Closed]~(red)

First of all bear in mind we're a strict gang, in a matter of people we recruit. We do give more importance to your character attitudes and personality rather than to your actual combat skills. Of course we don't want players that don't know how to handle a gun though...

  • What do we want from you :

  • Maturity

  • Good skills

  • Good sense

  • Smartness

  • Team spirit

  • Speaking reasonable english

-Application Format :
-Nickname :
-Accountname :
-Nationality :
-Age :
-Previous Gangs/Squads/Companies : (explanation of why you left/kicked):
-Current roleplay groups you're in :
-Why did you chose GSF ?:

  • Applications Answers :

~[Accepted]~(lime): just call any HQ ingame for invitation .

~[Pending]~(orange): You're being in testing process ,Do not beg HQ's to test you,we have an eye on you .

~[Under Review]~(sienna): We're still discussing it about you, will inform you with the result soon.Just keep hanging with us .

~[Denied]~(red): Sorry,You're application are denied and your skills ingame doesn't match with what we are looking for,You may re-apply in 2 weeks .

  • System Warnings :

Probation = 1 warn 2nd warn kick

level 1 - level 3 = 1 warn 2nd warn demote 3rd kick

level 4 = 1 warn demote 2nd warn demote 3rd kick

Warn is removed 1 week after it been added if there were not further rulesbreaks

1st warn in probation takes you 2 weeks more probation

If you are warned you cant be promoted!

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^[~[LAST BUMP]~(red)]
alt text

We like to announce that our activities has been started from This post to the last one.

~[We have achieved this month :]~(green)

RolePlays : 10 posts
Events : 29 posts
Activites : 55 posts

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