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[SUGGESTION] Money Heist skin for robber



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Dear Saes Community,

I want to leave suggestion to add/replace one of robber skins. And yes, you can quess from the title, what skin do i mean. Its skin from Money Heist, Casa De Papel. Guys in red suit with masks, tv series seen in netflix. Think about a bank robbery, or that suggestion about casino robbery, full of guys with money heist skin that scares polices out of mind, maybe with nametags of different cities of world.

Thats one way to play maybe not so realistic roleplay, but roleplay that almost everyone of us knows, who haves netflix.

Heres more about tv series, if you havent seen it before.

Money Heist

Link to skin:

Thanks for getting chance to suggest ideas.

Merry christmas for everyone!

-iGoogle, member of Hell Soldiers.

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