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Rocosos LWS Event


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~[:trident_emblem:Welcome to Rocosos LWS Events:trident_emblem:]~(lime,lime,lime,lime,lime,lime,lime,lime,lime,lime,lime,green,green,green,green,green,green,green,green,green,green,green,green,green)

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~[Money Spend:]~(lime,green) 100.000.000
~[Types of events:]~(lime,green) With regard to the type of events I can offer, it is quite a large variety, below I will mention the most important / Most consumed and which the public enjoys the most

~[Types of the LMS]~(lime,green)

  • LMS With CS

  • LMS With Nades

  • LMS With bat

~[Combat Events]~(lime,green)

  • 2 vs 2 with Sniper

  • 1 vs 1 with Nades

  • Fight in Tube

  • Cobat with Monster Trucks

  • 1 vs 1 with (Differents weapons, m4/mp5/Deagle etc)

~[Normal / Current Events]~(lime,green)

  • Lucky Tube

  • Hydra Shooting

  • Hunter Shooting

  • Rhino Shooting

  • Chicken Arrest

  • Chicken Shooter

  • Tenis Team vs Team (Nades)

~[Cars Events]~(lime,green)

  • Race with differents cars and in differents circuits

  • Carshow (Modded Cars / Normal Cars / Old Cars / Sport Cars / Donation Cars)

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~[About Me]~(lime,green,green,green,green,green,lime,lime,lime)

I'm known in the game as Rocoso, my name in real life is Juan David, I'm 18 years old and the biggest hobbit I have at the moment is to play video games, I do sports and enjoy my other hobbies, I'm quite friendly and I know I'm always respectful with other people.

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~[Types of the Event:]~(lime,green)
~[LWS Member:]~(lime,green)
~[Date of the Event:]~(lime,green)

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