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LemonHaze Cripz


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  • 1-Personal Informations

1. Ingame Name & Real Name: LemonHaze, Janar
2. Account Name:LemonHaze
3. Age:16
4. Nationality: Man
5. Rate Your English Level (1-10):5
6. Tell us about yourself:I live in estonia, i play computer games.
7. Do you have discord: Yes, i have discord.

  • 2-Ingame Informations

1. How long have you been playing on SAES: 1 day, but i was played stunt.
2. Tell us about your saes carrier:He is drug dealer and bank robber.
3. Previous gang or squads(include leaving reason):has not been in any gang
4. Have you ever been banned from SAES(if yes please explain:No
5. What Does DM mean and give an example:it is forbidden to attack a player for no reason
6.What Does Roleplay mean and give an example: it's like real life but just a computer game, you play it on a computer, you do things you can't do in real life.
7.What Does Avoid Arrest mean and give an example: this includes killing yourself,logging out,getting someone else to kill you.

A. Tell us 3 of Bank Robbery Rules:

1-) gangs can start gang bank robbery with 4+ member of that gang inside the bank.
2-)One gang is allowed to do maximum of 3 gang bank robs per day.
3-) Killing players after all safes have been cracked in order to players leave the bank by respawning is not allowed. Committing suicide by jumping from bank roof is not allowed.

B. Tell us 3 of Turf Rules:

1-)You can only use your gangs spawn & hospital spawn during a turf war.
2-)You may only assist in defending an allied turf war provided there is atleast 1 member of the defending gang actively defending the turf.
3-)While spawned as a cop you are obligated to arrest both sides during turfs.

C. Tell us 3 of Store Robbery Rules:

1-)stay on the roof.
2-) other roof in SR not allowed
3-)it is forbidden to stay outside the SR are and enter the last moment.

  • 3a-Additionl Informations

1. A Character Backstory ( must be suit for our role ): my mom was killed by police, my father was murdered in front of me when I was little. Police are bastards and when i see them every time i yell at them for cocks.
2. Explain CripZ's roleplay with your own words: its a criminal gang, dealing with bank robberies
3. Why do you want to join CripZ: i want to play with gang and find new friends.
4. Why should we accept you: im active player on team.
5. What is your strenghts: shooting, car riding.
6. What is your weaknesses: plane driving.
7. Post your screens when you hanging with CripZ(use spoiler):

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