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[LWS-STAFF] Avanger's LWS Events


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Hello Community, Here you can find all my LWS events, I'll try to be more creative to produce a new type of events, trying to move forward and helping the community, I hope you enjoy getting here and welcome to my LWS Events
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My name is Hamza,i'm an 23 year old guy living in Tunisia excatly hammamet and my interests include cycling, swimming ,and drawing, but most importantly, gaming. After being raised in a strict household environment for most of my life, playing GTA and experiencing the freedom it gives you was like a breath of fresh air for me!.After that i begin trying to improve my experience in SAES by joining one of my best gangs called 'T~C'.my biggest weakness is when i go a little too gung-ho sometimes. Attempting crazy stunts when they aren't needed, trying to wrestle with police, etc. I make sure to keep it calm when things are serious, though! and also my strength is My situational awareness and driving skills are pretty great. I'm also pretty fond of my shooting skills! . Im here to be part of LWS this group is known in using providing building services .So I guess that I have all the requirements that fulfill all the needs of LWS since I'm good at multitasking and building so that's why im able to help with new events type that I can invent with my creativity and imagination. Thank you for your attention
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~[E]~(green)vent Number: #

~[T]~(green)ype of Event:

~[L]~(green)WS/G6 Helper(s):




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~[T]~(green)otal Number of events: 53

~[M]~(green)oney used: 62.400.000$

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