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JUMBO Klan - Level 1 Application


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JUMBO Klan Discord Server : https://discord.gg/wZbNEUAw29
JUMBO Klan Media Archive : https://saesrpg.uk/topic/22805/jumbo-klan-media-archive

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"Every funny man has a tragic story behind."

1991 to 2007 - Berlin, Kreuzberg

"I woke up to a world full of crime. Drug trafficking, robberies, prostitution, and so on... Packaging tomorrow's sales instead of playing soccer on streets while still being a child, stealing beers for the boozy dad while peers count fancy toys... I had my hands dirty, I had my clothes tatty, but I had a brave heart. Because I was the ghetto inside the modern city.

My world is different than yours. Like white and black, like life and death. They expected me to run when you were just about to walk, they expected me to murder when you were realizing what living is. I've read street writings as a poem, I've never celebrated my birthday as I've never even known it. But I remember my uncle's death in front of me. I was five years old, can you believe it? The world taught me how to use weapons, while you were busy learning about adding two to two. Now you are looking at me like, "This only happens in silly TV movies.". I had never seen a TV until I was 14. I saw it at the market I went to rob, a beautiful and graceful woman was talking about murders, drugs, and about Tarlaba. How people look at us and feel bad for our lives behind their screens. I must have escaped from my past somehow..."

2007 to 2009 - zmir, Kuruay

"Everything that has to be done in life, has to be done at the right time. You either decide it or leave yourself to the silent arms of death. I was 16, with the hopes of starting from scratch, a new life, at least I hoped for it. I made some money and made my way to zmir. I knew zmir was a great city, from the people who kept talking around me. Beautiful girls, great beaches, fresh air...But this was the good side of the city, on the other hand, there was the bad side. Ghettos once again; teenagers in a coma because of heroin, transgenders shooting people because being offended, under-18 children selling drugs...I tried to be different, I tried to work as normal people do, but my path was in my genes already, crime.
I was in need of fast money, I slept in parks, mosques, public areas but it was dangerous. I knew it, if I come across a policeman I probably find myself in the department next morning. I had to find a place to live, and I needed money for that. I started with stealing car stereos, and mirrors of sports cars if I happen to see one. I found a guy who was interested in buying them and sold them for a good price. With that money, I found a small slum to live in. But who could know that I was gotten into another ghetto, a district where people kill each other for no reason. The crime was my blood, I met some people who had the same ideas as me and we were like a small gang. We robbed markets, we robbed jewelers, we robbed anything you can think of. But it all has to come to an end when the whole city is aware of you. The police were looking forward to the smallest mistake of us, we could have got busted easily as we weren't professional enough. My Izmir adventure had to be cut short.

We planned of leaving the city, oh no. Not just the city, we had better leave the country. We made an agreement with a guy who was carrying immigrants to Greece. On a dark night, we went inside the boat and waited for our trip to begin. But all of a sudden, we heard gunshots and siren sounds. At that moment we knew we had to run for our lives. With the adrenalin pumping in our veins, we ran for about 15 kilometers. Luckily, right when we were about to wash out, a car passing by had picked us up and drove us to a town nearby. There started the most thrilling day of our lives. We did not have a plan at all, but the guy who offered us that he could take us to Mersin, a city located on the south side of Turkey, sounded very generous of him. He dropped us at Mersin, and here comes the craziest part. We swam to Cyprus. Yes, we swam... We must be lucky given we managed to stay alive."
2009 - Cyprus

"You can guess all the money we had mingled with nature while we were swimming, so we had to start from the bottom once again. We looked for a legal way to make money and decided to sign for a TV show named "You are the talent!", and bingo, we were accepted. But the problem was, we were not skilled men at all, but we somehow managed to write a rap song and come up with some unique dance moves. We were paid a bit, it at least was enough to keep us full for a week or two. After then, we realized the bigger opportunities, the casinos. There were a lot of casinos around and they were full of drunk and rich people. We dressed up as valets and took their cars, then of course drove them home at the end of the night. If you know-how, you can easily make money out of a drunk and rich person. But the valet trick could not last so long as we could've got caught eventually, so we stopped after making enough money to start going inside the casino. You call it luck, I call it fate; we made some really good money, more than enough to take us to San Andreas where we could rise and shine. On a warm August night, we made the plan and named ourselves: JUMBO Klan."

2009~ - San Andreas

"A new country, new people around. Gangs everywhere, people carrying weapons like it is nothing. Bad-ass cops, shooting you down in the smallest mistake. We were penniless, we were unknown, we were totally in danger. We had to stay strong, but how? We needed money, we needed weapons then, we needed respect, we needed everything, but we had nothing. We attended on small robberies, we showed ourselves and made some money also. Bigger ones followed the smaller, we gained respect and made more money. One day, we got called by an anonymous number. We were told that we were needed for a jailbreak, and we were offered great cash for this job. Our task was protecting the area and to kill security guards. We accepted it and successfully made it.

We were growing up day by day. We bought our own weapons, we bought our own hide-out. We had more respect than we imagined, and we ARE now professionals. We are a klan, not a random group of young street thugs you would want to mess up with."
Dream big, become JUMBO.

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^[alt text]
Leaders : @Velona || @ColdPlay || @Terry
Gang Level : 0
Members Count : 37
Gang Tag : JK|
Date of Creation : 06.11.2020
^[alt text]
JUMBO Klan is a professional crime syndicate specialized in smuggling. Our main income source is the illegal movement of goods into or out of a country, those goods being drugs, weapons, booze, tobacco, historical artifacts, paintings, actual people, basically anything that can make us some cash. JUMBO Klan is the door you knock on if you want to bring something in or move something out of the country but can't do it in legal ways. Our smuggling network spreads all over the globe.

Smuggling is our main source of income, yet it's not the only money-making method of ours. JUMBO Klan is always out there looking for more opportunities to make a profit in order to extend its crime empire, and eventually eliminate all the other rival gangs to be the one and only crime family in San Andreas. Apart from smuggling, here are the other ways JUMBO Klan makes money:

Distribution of illegal goods to the streets: We're not only moving stuff between countries, but we are also in the business of distribution of those goods inside the country. Once something, let's say drugs, arrive in San Andreas, JUMBO Klan offers its services everyone to distribute it to the streets, of course in exchange for an extra commission for the trouble.

Blackmailing: A politician, a police officer, an athlete, a clerk, another gang leader, a secret agent, anyone you can think of... Members of the JUMBO Klan do always put the benefit of the gang above everything, and we are trying to maximize the ways we profit by taking the people who could be useful for the gang in our hook and blackmailing them.

Illegal betting, match-fixing, and gambling: When it comes to gambling or any sports activity with the possibility of betting and cheating, JUMBO Klan is in it too for the money. That's one of the ways we make money.

Money laundering: With the large amounts of cash JUMBO Klan started making off the illegal business, it became unavoidable to start laundering our own money through many front companies and offshore accounts. We don't prefer laundering money for outsiders unless there is something really good in it for us too.

Submission: It is within JUMBO Klan's purpose to either eliminate or seize all the opponent gangs in San Andreas. One of our goals is to make every crime lord out there accept the superiority of JUMBO Klan, and bend the knee to us. From time to time, The Kings of JUMBO Klan, with muscle power, visits the other gangs to intimidate them and make them feel uncomfortable. It's very likely for you to see other gangs pay JUMBO ''protection'' (extortion) money. They fear JUMBO, and no one can dare to cross us!

While maintaining all our illegal business behind the scenes, we also have to have a public image, which we do by constantly throwing out parties in our private clubs and island for the rich community of San Andreas. Legally, we're party animals and run clubs all over San Andreas. We also classify ourselves as ''influencers'', we supply inessential but conductive materials to our VIP members to pleasure and comfort them. We all know that rich people waste a lot of money to live in expensive and exclusive style, expensive clothes, jewelry, food, cars, trips, yachts such, that's what we give them!
^[alt text]


  • :crown: Velo~[(velona77)]~(silver)

^[>KING ( LVL 6 )<]

  • :crown: ~[SAES]~(gray)>Terry~[(rizacem)]~(silver)

  • :crown: Coldplay~[(cankutay123)]~(silver)

^[>VIZIER ( LVL 5 )<]

  • alt text ~[SAES]~(gray)>Illusion~[(bulgur)]~(silver)

^[>BARON ( LVL 4 )<]

  • alt text Mackey~[(zizi31)]~(silver)

  • alt text Literary~[(ayturk1905)]~(silver)

  • alt text Gjones~[(gjones)]~(silver)

  • alt text ~[SAES]~(gray)>Tilong~[(tilong)]~(silver)

  • alt text ~[SAES]~(gray)>Lior~[(lior)]~(silver)

  • alt text ~[SAES]~(gray)>Blade~[(joey11)]~(silver)

  • alt text Tape.~[(dikraxthas)]~(silver)

  • alt text Dexter~[(nicodie)]~(silver)

  • alt text Peke~[(pekecan)]~(silver)

^[>JOTUN ( LVL 3 )<]

  • alt text Frost~[(sinanreis)]~(silver)

^[>NEMERE ( LVL 2 )<]

^[>RAZADOR ( LVL 1 )<]

  • alt text MenSpider~[(m)]~(silver)

  • alt text Witti~[(witti)]~(silver)

  • alt text Tevz~[(Tevz)]~(silver)

  • alt text Freezoom~[(maxismuz4141)]~(silver)

  • alt text Luksusowa~[(gurayalin)]~(silver)

  • alt text Zinyak~[(piaw)]~(silver)

  • alt text Spider~[(kaka02)]~(silver)

  • alt text Coach~[(xxhamzaxx)]~(silver)

  • alt text Remp~[(Jax01)]~(silver)

  • alt text Lazar~[(XXlazarXX)]~(silver)

  • alt text JohnnyLesh~[(johnnylesh)]~(silver)

  • alt text Xecutioner~[(salihcancan)]~(silver)

  • alt text Tiger~[(mrecfkinw)]~(silver)

^[>PROBATION ( LVL 0 )<]

  • alt text Chicago~[(kuroyorikurai)]~(silver)

  • alt text xDvCx~[(xdvcx99)]~(silver)

  • alt text Niw~[(Niumiw)]~(silver)

  • alt text ReVal~[(hamda123)]~(silver)

  • alt text Bravo~[(pablo01)]~(silver)

  • alt text Amyyy.~[(DarkHUNKiller)]~(silver)

  • alt text jordskjelv~[(kemet)]~(silver)

  • alt text nino4433~[(nino4433)]~(silver)

  • alt text AtSever~[(canberto4545)]~(silver)

  • alt text Mitopit~[(hellforce45)]~(silver)

^[alt text]

**Nickname :** 
**Account Name :**
**Age :**
**Nationality :**
**Country of Residence :**
**Spoken Languages :**

**How long have you been playing on SAES? :**
**Why do you want to become JUMBO? :**
**Previous organizations and reasons for leaving :**
**Current group memberships :**
**(Optional)Tell us further about you :**

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