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[LWS STAFF] Curny's LWS Events


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Hello to everyone reading this topic, before I begin introducing myself I'd like to wish everyone to stay safe and away from the horrible pandemic that has attacked our world. So my in-game name may be known to some of you as Curny, I'm 19 years old, I was around here since the years of 2011-2012, yet was quite inactive and hopped onto the game here and there but I returned to be fully active about 2 months ago. My real name is Adir, I was really into this group back then, hence I've hosted a ridiculous amount of events before I quit this game. Although, since I returned, it caught my interest again and I began hosting plenty of events to show off my interest in joining it. I get along with everyone as a person quite often, I'm a really nice guy after all, you'll rarely find me in tight situations or arguments. I'd love to host events under this group's wing and to climb and push my career in this server up from there. I hope my work and my creations will entertain you in such tough times around the world with this spreading covid-19 pandemic. For better days!

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Events hosted: 210.
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The format I use for posting my events:

Type of event:
L.W.S Assistant(s):

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