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^[Welcome to my LWS topic, here you will find all my events]
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^[About Me]
my name's mohamed tarek i live in giza located exactly in egypt i study Tourism and Hotels in the higher cairo institute im 20 yrs old Im in my last year of institute

my fav hobbis :
romanian wrestling
online gamesalt text
^[About Me in SAES]
i started playing in saes since 2016 my first squad in saes was TST but then it got died and then i go through an inactive period when i back i decided to Try cop side again...but after 4 years playing as cop i lost my passion to continue as cop... and i decided to join crim side there much fun and now i'm part in The_Outfit

Why I would like to join LWS and How can I help It

well. LWS is one my goals in SAES and the lighting world sports is one of the most powerful , loyal groups i've ever seen around saes... and I know it's not that easy to join LWS .. and to be honest i feel that im totally ready to take this step and threw my application here
and look forward in my saes career upon saes groups and be part of this big family.

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^[Event Format]
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^[Event Number:]

^[Event Type:]

^[Event Prize:]




Some Of My Builds

Race NRG

Last Man Standing

1Vs1 Sniper/M4/Deagle/Combat Shotgun

^[Money Spent: $33.000.000]

^[Event Count: 28]

Some New event's
Shamal Show

Lucky RPG

Lucky Kinfe

Land Inside The Tube
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