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Construction N: 3
Name: Cinema Old BS LV Base ty @Colo
Number of objects: 415
Link to the code (in case of sharing): https://pastebin.com/M1dEnkSF
Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/a2Esmts


I was driving around Las Venturas, I saw a lot of issues ongoing from SAES members they were wondering why there is only one cinema at Los Santos. So , I stayed for a bit and i was planning to build a new cinema. I was building this cinema for almost a year, It wasn't a normal cinema. It was been a huge work for being a new idea. There was an architect team and some of workers were helping with ideas. I wanna homage to all of you and give a big thanks to you guys.

Today's project is a big cinema in LV site, I've called some workers to help me in this project which was suggested by an Architect.Colo I've made the blueprints and the main objects of the construction and expert, Colo proceeded the construction by making the needed objects which contained: Entrance, tickets checker, toilet, bar for drinks and the cinema hall, to be as you can see in the pictures of the construction. We made a parking lot so people can park their cars when they come and then a big entrance on the front where people enter then you find the main room so you can buy tickets and all the goods you want, then a small hallway where you enter the big room which is the cinema place where we play films and people will have a huge seat, also we can offer a toilet so you know what people do there.
It truly took a long time after a big efforts from my fellow workers and together we did it as perfect as we could. Today I'm proud with this project which I've always desired and finally i've made it real. Now let's hope for people to come visit this place and enjoy watching any type of films , hopefully when the project proceeds it will become one of the most well known places in LV.

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