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Sons of Anarchy | Level 3 Application

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Six years ago the Sons of Anarchy motorcycle club returned to San Andreas, for the duration of three years they had a strong presence, inspiring and terrifying many other motorycle clubs and criminal organisations.

After three years, the Sons disbanded their San Andreas chapter and many of its members went nomad, or moved to other chapters.

Three years after the closing of the Sons of Anarchy San Andreas chapter, on April 1st, 2020, seven members of the previous generation came together to reform the San Andreas chapter. Their goal being to live up to and surpass the glory that was Sons of Anarchy some three to six years ago.

Like most MCs, Sons of Anarchy consists of different chapters. The main Sons of Anarchy chapter is the so-called Red County Chapter. However, there are more:

The Red County Chapter
The Mother Chapter of the Sons originates from Blueberry, Red County where most of the Sons reside and carry out their daily lives in and out of the local clubhouse. The vast amount of Red County realty owned by the club members, primarily the warehouse in Dillimore, allow them to carry out their club extracurriculars without any intervention from irrelevant parties.

The Desert Chapter
From Fort Carson to El Quebrados and from Las Barrancas to Las Payasdas, the Desert Chapter lays claim to the entire Desert of Bone County and Tierra Robada. They operate from the Big Spread Ranch, their clubhouse. Notoriously they also have a big stake in the the Hunter Quarry, one of the biggest enterprises in Bone County and with that, they accrued significant influence in the area.


Sons of Anarchy does not use conventional rank structures as most gangs do in SAES.
Any patched member can choose any rank they desire (except for President and Vice President), ranks are purely used for RP.
In Sons of Anarchy all members are equal, and decisions are made by voting among all patched members. Finally, members are part of a chapter, and are listed with their appropriate title tags behind their name.

Red County Chapter

  • NanoBob* | Prez

  • Paul* | vPrez

  • ~[FastYounq]~(red) | RC

  • Tilong | RC

  • Turbo | RC

  • Ferthis | TR

  • Laza | TR

  • Umbra | TR

  • sushii | TR

  • Haas* | MoM

  • Zaza | MoM

  • Andre | MoM

  • Darude | MoM

  • Exclusive | MoM

  • ~[Dufabo]~(red) | SaA

  • ~[Leonidas]~(red) | SaA

  • Hesha | SaA

  • Tholz | SaA

  • Ace | SaA

  • Bart | TG

  • Crash | TG

  • JoGe | UO

  • Mohd | UO

  • Howlze | UO

  • ~[Tiger]~(red)* | E

  • ~[Blade]~(red)* | #

  • ~[Jordi]~(red)* | #

  • ~[Commander]~(red)* | #

  • ~[Robbaz]~(red)* | #

  • Wave | #

  • ARMARNI | #

  • TaffyC | #

  • Swal | #

  • ~[CROH]~(red) | P

  • Boody | P

  • AntiRug | P

Desert Chapter

  • DezZolation* | Prez

  • ~[Smack]~(red)* | vPrez

  • SWT | RC

  • ~[Ocelot]~(red) | TR

  • ~[Bunny]~(red) | TR

  • ~[Louis]~(red)* | SaA

  • Frost | SaA

  • Ethan* | UO

  • Jason* | MoM

RC Chapter members: 27 (+9)
Desert Chapter members: 5 (+4)
Total active members: 32

Total members: 45

Prez - President
vPrez - Vice President
RC - Road Captain
TR - Treasurer
MoM - Men of Mayhem
SaA - Sergeant at Arms
TG - Tailgunner
UO - Unholy One
E - Enforcer
# - Patched
P - Prospect
~[Inactive members]~(red)

Disclaimer: there are actually people in the gang panel with HQ rights, but this is only used to execute the decisions made by the patched members, these members are marked with a *


The Sons of Anarchy are open to diplomatic relations with organizations in San Andreas.

  • Since April 10th the Sons of Anarchy are at war with GJMC

  • Since April 11th the Sons of Anarchy are at war with CripZ


In order to join the gang please fill in the following form, and reply to this topic:

Time zone:
Rate your English proficiency:

How long have you played MTA:
How long have you played on SAES:
Have you ever been banned (If yes, details please):
What organizations have you been in and why have you left these organizations:
What are your current server groups:
Any additional information you want to add:

Recruitment process

After filling in your application your application will be discussed on our discord server, but since an application is only words your chances to join the Sons of Anarchy motorcycle club would be highly increased if you hang around with us ingame. After the discussion a reply will be posted on the Sons of Anarchy topic.

If you are accepted:

You will be contacted ingame and you will be invited to the club, you will start of as a prospect, being a prospect is about showing yourself to the rest of the club and showing that you are able to do what is needed from you. When the club deems your prospect time has lasted long enough and you have proven yourself you will be promoted to a full member of the club and will receive the patch.

If you are pending:
This means we are not sure whether you would fit our club, we want you to hang around with us for a short while (usually a couple days), for us to get to know you better and to be able to judge you. After this period of time you will either be accepted, or be told that you are denied.

If you are denied:

Being denied means youre not fit to join our club now, but in the near future you might still be able to join. If you are still interested in joining us you should hang around is for an additional two weeks, after those two weeks you can write a new application and the application process will start over again.




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