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Generation X - Level 4 Application


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Generation X, sometimes referred as X, is a "assassination/hacker" group. Our roleplay consists on executing our missions in the most perfect way possible while maintaining our quality business wise. We usually hack other organisation's Intel in order to get some extra cash through blackmail and to make them fear us. Hacking isn't our main job but we do it to protect ourselves in certain situations. Our primary operation is assassination by request, people come to us whenever they have a problem with someone they think they can't handle and we deal with that person fast, carefully and untraceable. As a side job our focal point is selling drugs and, to maximize our profit, we get them in two different ways, we either steal it from smaller gangs and then sell them back to other people or we produce them in our factory, that holds the title for highest quality drugs in San Andreas. We don't follow any laws, we have our own terms and ways. We follow them.
^[Never tell everything you know!]
^[alt text]

^[We were running for our lives, hearing shots and screams behind our backs. There were no time to turn around, and no chance of fighting back. They were well armed, too many and too skilled. All we could do was trying to save ourselves..]

^[We had all started our life on the wrong side of the law. It started with stealing wallets, cars, and then robbing... We aimed higher and higher. We wanted to become the best at what we were doing. Unfortunately for us, San Andreas was crowded by huge gangs who already had a monopoly on robberies, illegal transportation and drugs. Because of us not being careful and wandering into the wrong territory, we were punished.]

^[After 12 days of hiding we thought it was time to return to our homes, and see how things were looking. However, the joy soon turned into tears. Windows were smashed, walls spray painted and goods stolen. Both friends and family members were dead. Not even the pictures of me and my wife, who also were killed, was to be found. I shouted in anger, and cursed the gangsters who had caused all this mayhem. We had to start from scratch. Luckily I still had my 2 brothers who taught me how to keep the good memories, move forward and create a new vision.]
^[After grieving for our lost friends and family, we figured we needed a new vision. Something that no one else had done before. Something that could help us getting a revenge, and in the long run get us some serious money. We went to the drawing board, and brainstormed. Our first step in the right direction was buying a property far away from the city where we started training for close quarter combat and long distance assassinations. Being able to handle situations like that would be crucial to keep up with the bigger gangs. Technology was also on the rise these days, which gave us the brilliant idea: If we cant get information from our enemies by using violence, why not get it unnoticed. However to accomplish what we had in mind, both people and resources were needed.]

^[Me and my 2 brothers had always been inseparable. The reason might be the loss of our parents at the age of 9. During our youth, we moved a lot between different homes. No step family managed to take good care of us in the long run. All this traveling led to a lot of new environments and a lot of friends from different places. Like us, most of them had also conducted several crimes. We decided to give them a call. 45 days later we had gathered enough people to start gaining resources and money. This time we stuck to robbing small businesses so that the bigger gangs wouldn't notice. We spent weeks, months, years.. But finally, we were all set.]

^[The coming years was used to create devices and learn how to break through every system available. Getting information, and getting passed locked doors were no longer a problem. We started to see the light in the tunnel, and a hope for a brighter future. A future where not only arms, drugs and robberies would be the main income of the bigger gangs. But a future where our technology would rule what was about to become the new era of San Andreas. The era of Generation X.]
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Gang motto: "Never tell everything you know! & A word of honor Is worth blood"
Gang level: - 3 -
Gang color code: #5d5163
Gang value: 70.000.000+
Gang tag: X|
Gang Allies: "@Medelln-Cartel & @CripZ
Date of creation: 1/22/2020
Gang discord server: https://discord.gg/gGsJCK4
^[alt text]
Here you are able to find everything which is the most important to know! Once a member violates a rule, he will be given a warning. Associates will be removed if they get a second warning. Other members will be removed after they get a third warning. Why do we give Associates 2 warnings and normal members 3 warnings before they get out of the organisation?

As an associate, you are new to the organisation. This means we won't treat you equally as the normal members. You still haven't proved yourself. Those have to show themselves if they really deserve to be part of us.. to get patched.. If they prove us wrong by violating a rule.. they get a lower chance to succeed.

Normal members can not violate the server rules either. What they do have as an advantage is the fact that they are in the organisation for a while and finished their times as an associates. These people are trusted and one rulebreak will not cause them being kicked. That is why normal members get 3 warnings before they are getting kicked out.

Warning levels can only be removed by the involved person or persons and if the problem has been solved. Besides that, we also look at their behavior and if it has been improved.

  1. All Server Rules Apply To This Organization Rules (F1).

  2. Always Respect All Members.

  3. Never Rage/Insult in main chat.

  4. Know how to roleplay well, and don't mess about in RPs.

  5. Always respect members of STAFF. And never argue with the admins.

  6. Be mature, and helpful.

  7. In a game, always observe.

  8. Don't reveal the secrets of the family to the outsiders, means that don't talk about our private things to someone else not in the organization.

  9. Do not spam Main chat neither CC!

  10. Always avoid talking about sensitive subjects, such as religions and countries.

^[alt text]

^[Level 5]

^[Leader [L]]
The one, the only, the leader of the whole thing. Makes most of the decisions & takes care of the organisations most important matters.

^[Level 4]

^[Supervisor [vL]]
Supervises lower rank members and makes decisions based on the situation, Also he's the leader when the Leader Isn't around as he Is his hand.

^[Executive [HQ]]
The Manager, Has powers In making some decisions, Is an example to lower ranked members, Can Invite other people Into the organisation and watches over the gang Itself.

^[Level 3]

^[Coordinator [sHQ]]
The Coordinators are assisting the Executives in everything daily that can help the gang such as activities and training on our teamwork tactics. It is their responsibility to keep an eye on all the members and the people who wants to join our family, When problems occur with a member, the Coordinator reports back to the Executives to deal with it.

^[Commisioner [CO]]
This rank Is the highest thing a member can get before becoming one of the elders of the gang, This rank Is so Important and It has many jobs to take care of, It can be earned by working hard and contribution to our family on any possible way. Commission is an Important stage to becoming Generation X Coordinator.

^[Level 2]

^[The Ecrypter [=E=]]
The Ecrypters are highly respected in the organisation as they are fundamental to the organisation and preparation of crimes. They gather intelligence in order to plot crimes and to increase the likely hood of success in our activities, They also help on gathering Intel about corrupted people or gangs and blackmail them.

^[Manufacturer [-M-]]
*Manufacturers manufacture all our supplements. This is one of the most important roles in the organisation, he needs to be able to work under heavy pressure and stick to time limits. Quality control is also important in this role, each supplement needs to be made correctly and quickly. Younger members of the gang will learn skills from this member, on how to manufacture the drugs and how to sell them quickly.

^[Hoodlums [-HO-]]
Ruthless and tough people who do the baddest and impossible missions for this organisation. They are best fighters and gunners in Generation X. When they are send on missions, its guaranteed success, They are so focused and aware of everything going around them, They are trained to not fail but to succeed and finish the work smoothly without any witnesses. Most of them weren't that good and got trained by us because they had the dedication.

^[Level 1]

^[Assassin [-AS-]]
Assassins are some of the best soldiers and best marksmen in Generation X and are used to perform most of the hits for Gen-X, usually on highly valued targets which are a threat to the organisation.

^[Soldier [-S-]]
They're kinda like gangster, Their main work Is to protect the higher ranked members of Generation X, When they're not doing their main work they can still do some business that Is related to the gang.

^[Level 0]

^[Associate [-A-]]
The ones who have shown a lot of potential In their first period with the gang as Helpers, They should learn and practice daily on our way of dealing things and how we conduct business around, They take care of the paper work In the gang.

^[alt text]
^[alt text]
This is the place where X members usually are seen, gather around, hang around, chill and enjoy their lives.

^[alt text]
This Is the organisation station, we also store there some of our legal stuff we buy.

^[alt text]
alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text

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^[~ Our Media ~]

alt text

^[Our Discord: https://discord.gg/mKpTZA6]

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