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Level 8

Commissioner General (1)

The highest authority within SAFP. The Commissioner General will lead the Department and will give the final decision over public matters after hearing from his assistants (Chief Commissioner and Inspector Generals).

  • Spanish (lapd0070)

alt text


Level 7

Chief Commissioner (2)

The Chief Commissioner is the right arm of the Commissioner General of San Andreas Federal Police. He or she is the second highest authority within the Department and will command it during the Commissioner General's absence. The Chief Commissioner will observe the Inspector General and their Divisions.

  • Halo (buch)
  • Landshark (landsharkppppp)



Level 6

Inspector General (1)

An Inspector General supervises the Chief Inspectors and their Divisions, managing their matters and setting goals for each one of them. They will report back to the Chief Commissioner.

  • Xhamster (kindje3)

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Level 5

Chief Inspector (1)

A Chief Inspector will organize a Division while assisting and reporting back to their Inspector General. They must keep track on everything that is going on and brief their Inspectors on what to do inside the Division.

  • Scooter (scooter1993)

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Level 4

Veteran (31)

A retired SAFP Officer that do not actively work anymore and used to be a Commander or higher at any point in the past. They do not give orders, but should be respected by our members.

  • Cristian (9509cristian)
  • Once (ayisael)
  • Mafiaman (alexrud)
  • MrExzibit (senorbrick)
  • Payn3 (cok1e)
  • Extremeo (colqmanzz)
  • Piem (piemonster11)
  • Warmachine (srikarreddyputta)
  • 007 (trolazo)
  • Blanck (blanck) 
  • Robert-911 (fuerzas)
  • Lega (toteking233)
  • Jamy6 (jamy6)
  • Supreme (paoking)
  • Metrixz (metrixz)
  • Carl (xirokax)
  • Arcihack (arcihack)
  • Pakrewan (pakrewan)
  • Rosfort (srghost)
  • JoNa (jonathan959)
  • Wizax (wawawa)
  • John (kakoki)
  • Coma (zoomspeed)
  • Jemain (jemmyx46)
  • Matheus (mctouch)
  • Lescano (gonanimazeta)
  • Swal (hannun)
  • Tefa (mostafamahmoud688)
  • IceCube (icecube1234)
  • Stone (mrslowguy)
  • Kellerman (kellerman)

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Level 3

Inspector (1)

Inspectors will give lessons and training to Sergeants within their Division, and will try to actively teach new Officers about general techniques that may help them while patrolling on the field. They may host meetings and training for anyone in the San Andreas Federal Police if they choose to.

  • Rocoso (understaked015)

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Level 2

Sergeant (16)

As a Sergeant, the member will now have freedom to choose which division within SAFP he or she would like to enlist for. At any given time this person will be allowed to change divisions if he or she chooses to. Sergeants will now receive more in-depth training in the specialization chosen by themselves.

  • Joe (joe1)
  • Fedayn (fedayn2005)
  • Saint (saint21)
  • Barry (thefastesmanalive)
  • HxH (medrouini)
  • Esta (esta)
  • Brute (bruteflap)
  • Sabin (sunny9928)
  • Clash (mohammeddsayedd3)
  • Epichu (hyperman112)
  • Meneses (meneses)
  • Lidlpegasus (lidlpegasus)
  • Xleepy (xleepy)
  • Davos (davos)
  • Noname (kevin2333)
  • Wegz (speed21)

alt text


Level 1

Police Officer (38)

After passing a sort of exams and tests as a Recruit, the member will now receive the title of Police Officer. He or she, after swearing an oath, will now protect and serve the citizens of San Andreas while wearing the San Andreas Federal Police badge. New Officers are assigned to Patrol duty in the Patrol Division, and will proactively enforce the law in the state.

  • Seals (mistercarlos)
  • INFLY (infly4)
  • Toche (sendogocho)
  • Madrazo (creptiz)
  • Whimpzz (whimpzz)
  • Kajo (kajobecha)
  • Aurora (jamesmpf)
  • Roni (ronimb)
  • Bruuno (salsa416)
  • JamesSpartan (james117)
  • DRAHMED (drahmeed)
  • PrinZy (prinzy)
  • Seol (seol)
  • Troyano (troyano2012)
  • Kristofer (kristofer14)
  • UnaKadava (unakadava)
  • Magic (moretrres)
  • Greencity (green34)
  • Pancy (maxwer)
  • YATORO (bl4t4nt)
  • Mami (tr3vl31)
  • Becket (streetrs)
  • Drakath (pablo99)
  • Makelove (cano97)
  • Ryler (hasantahsin123)
  • Frann (jeanfreefire)
  • Richard (richardthekiller)
  • Matthews (seattle31)
  • Sherap (chernobyl)
  • Eskapa (eskapa97)
  • Hunter (kingkush)
  • Skinner (itzspicey)
  • Remp (jax01)
  • Meliodas (erenmeliodas)
  • Gatillerito (lennygostoso)
  • Auto (mongols123)
  • Jamal (hoho02)
  • Netro (xxnetroxx)


alt text


Level 0

Recruit (38)

This is where recently accepted members start at. At this phase, the Recruit will go through training and lessons so he or she can learn and practice until while a superior evaluate his or her progress inside the San Andreas Federal Police.

  • Darkitos  (Darkaress52525)
  • Solad (solad)
  • ChoCo (darkar13)
  • Vash (vashestampida45)
  • Rocky (rockybhai)
  • Fajo (fajo)
  • Lokar (museum)
  • AARN (aarn)
  • Kanel (kanel36)
  • Hurka (hurka07)
  • Castre (zafe)
  • Marx (ppvtailsspyx)
  • Beast (filipex2002)
  • HasH (haibo)
  • Bee (syncmaster1)
  • JayToretto (seleznev3)
  • Vahe (vahagn)
  • BOYGAMES02 (boygames02)
  • Aws (aaa11)
  • Mezoksta (keremmetehan01)
  • Andrasxa (newandrasxa)
  • Caraota (tamoeliii)
  • OgKushh (boysexxx69)
  • Mipzer (kenny971)
  • Pokito (popolol)
  • LOLITO (moretta)
  • MAGIC_HOLAND (vitor7878)
  • Croob (croobog)
  • GG (bayuu123)
  • Barnes (johhnd)
  • Afufu (alijr007)
  • Havertz (slayer420)
  • kqxrte (judeobiasca)
  • Kim (fargada2356)
  • Achelous (achelous)
  • Dovahkiin (dovahkiin23)
  • JUDGE (bozagac)
  • Frizi (leaghe344)

alt text

Total of Members: 129


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