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@Daryl said in Why we LOVE SAES:

idk how you get to this stage in your SAES life of being a cop and not having fix weapons bound so your nightstick can actually arrest

half of these clips are you just needing to gunfix bro

It's a bug, that's what the video is about - and having to need a command like gunfix pretty much describes the combat system :p

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The reason I love SAES is because of the "/sell" command. What? Why? W-waitt, what?

Yes, there is absolutely nothing more beautiful and aesthetically pleasing than when you type /sell and you get the circle + animation that indicates you're selling something. This was the first thing that got my attention, as I was playing my first days on SAES around 2011. I don't think anything has ever been done to the /sell animation and command, right? If so it must've been minor changes.

Whoever came up with this command & animation deserves a joint. Really who made this because you deserve the recognition for it.

I absolutely love that shit. The animation, size of the circle and command name. Doesn't get more sexy than that. Literally an artifact of SAES.

alt text

P.S @NanoBob please be kind and add /selldrug to AA !

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