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Letter from Police Academy


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People of San Andreas,

As result of months of low activity and uncertainity in the Academy's future and purpose in the server, the SAES Group Management and Academy Management teams have agreed to setting an end to the Academy's official position in the server.

The Academy has struggled with its role in the server since parting from SAPD. We have had several instructors come and go, trying to make a difference but to no avail.

At present time we have no idea how we will go forwards. If we are able to find a purpose, Academy will strive to continue down the path to educate and graduate elite members of the Police side.

Whether we decide to continue the Academy or take a final drive down the country road after 9 years of service, we want to remind you that what we have achieved would never have been possible without you, the current and former cadets and instructors.

Enter to learn, Go forth to serve

Chief Tut, Chief ZeKinG and the whole HQ of the San Andreas Police Academy

^[alt text]

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Enter to learn, Go forth to serve! :heart:

SAPA was the shit back in time :heart: You've been a family just like HS and I've enjoyed being neighbors with you. Thank you so much for your effort and time spent into the academy.

Thank you so much once again and it's really sad to see you go..

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I was shocked when I heared this.. We have to admit that SAPA before it became a group it was the first step for a lot of people's carrier like mine..
Thank you so much SAPA for everything, it taught me a lot.. will never be forgotten.

alt text

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Before i was trainee
Then someone told me to join sapa for learning how to be real cop
Nowadays people just step on to squads and there just attempt to arrest, chasing who is wanted.
That why retard cops we can see it everywhere.
So the question is what cops suppose to do without sapa, and what it will bring us to.
Best group as roleplay like sapa is closed which mean rps is died also with cop side

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alt text

alt text
October 2013, as SAPA****|Mahoney

Special thanks to SAPA, my first g/s/c on SAES. Running hard to get my PC diploma so I would have a better chance in joining one of the mighty squads. SAPA tought me all the skills I needed. Once I left SAPA, I eventually became the leader of a level 5 squad, was one of the founders of PC external testing and I became part of the PCD.

Although I am just chilling in SWAT now, I can't be more grateful than I am now.

(Special shoutout to: SAPA****|FYRR73 , SAPA***|Zeking, SAPA|Angelo|SFC, SAPA|Ardron|SGT*, SAPA|Jonas|SFC, and all the other good guys :smirk: )

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