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IG2288s (Brigadier Payne) Hail and Farewell Ceremony


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Hello everyone,

The purpose of this topic is to inform that this 8th of July, there will be a farewell ceremony at the White House held by DE. These types of ceremonys are celebrated when there is a change in command. This provides the unit with a formal setting in which to welcome the new commander and honor the old commander.

@IG8820 (Payne) , has decided to retire and after so many years we decided to let him go with a fancy ceremony at the White House ( RP )

This is going to be a pure RP Act, there will be guests and basically whoever wants to come and attend the ceremony will be allowed to.

The ceremony will take place this sunday (12th of July) around 18:00 / 19:00 ingame time




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No need to worry @Bangas, it simply is a retirement from duties in regards to DEHQ. I'd made the decision with DEHQ a few weeks back due to the fact I didn't want my personal activity to play a role in the welfare of my unit and/ or the group as a whole.

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